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    July 06, 2018 6 min read

    La Luna Rose Tropical Holiday Packing List

    It's here! We've made it to Summer and now it’s time to think about that impending Summer Holiday! The destination has been chosen, the plane tickets are booked, the cats booked in to the cattery and finally, you can smell that waft of vacation lurking in the air. Now all you need to do know is get that suit case prepped....Uh hem. While packing your suitcase can (often) be the bane of your life, we’ve put together a little something to help you out and avoid that last minute stress and to keep to focus on the Margarita you'll be sinking poolside in no time at all!

    Whether you’re heading away for a 4 days, a week, or even a month, we’ve got some pretty well-oiled tips on how you can be as organized and ‘Summer ready’ as possible. Below we have listed 13 essentials to pack on your next beach vacation and we’ve even got a free downloadable packing list to help you while you’re at it! Keep reading my friend...

    1 - Personal items and Travel documents

    Make sure your travel documents are always accessible in your carry on. Passport, credit card, insurance card and boarding card are all good friends to keep near by at all times. 

    It can also be a good idea to keep an extra outfit and some toilet “must haves” in your carry on in case your suitcase gets lost or delayed….!? (Or make sure you’ve got some killer insurance so you can hit the streets shopping as soon as you land! :P ) 

    2 - A first aid it / Travel health

    Obviously, getting sick is a pretty big buzz kill at any time of the year but specifically for that vacation you have been saving up for! Needless to say, it’s pretty easy to get sick in foreign countries you havnt yet travelled to before (Or maybe it’s just Asia – My favourite place to travel!) Don’t forget to bring a stash of panadol, hydration pills, betadine and any prescription medications to stay on your game. I also always pack a few band-aids for all that walking and sight seeing I know I get too excited with! Ain’t nothing worse than not being able to walk around Angkor Wat because you’ve got an infected blister…..!

    Also, If you’re heading somewhere slightly freaky I would always suggest to check the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s website. These guys have all the necessary information on travel vaccines and country specific travel advice if you’re heading off the beaten track and into the jungle. It’s always better to stay informed and be prepared, that way at least if you do get super sick you may understand why and how!La Luna Rose Tropical Holiday Packing List

    3 - A travel Guide

    I love the convenience of having all the information about my destination in one location. These days there are so many great travel apps, books, blogs to follow and instagram accounts (Although I tend not to judge any holiday off an instagram feed as it’s far too calculated!). A useful one for our Motorbike trip around Vietnam was this blog, if you’re thinking about taking a train in ANY country, Seat61 has you covered and I also liked this blog for good tips on our recent trip to Thailand. (Currently searching for a killer Southern Europe blog or 2 - if anyone knows of any feel free to email me!)

    Doing your research before and having these Travel Guides on hand is not only super useful but it saves a whole bunch of time researching online once you get to your destination.

    4 - Lightweight Clothing

    That’s all I can say my friends, after all, this is a Summer holiday you’re going away on right? My advice is to bring lightweight clothing that you can layer and style differently (Speaking of which, have you seen our collection of super cute scarves?!) Loose fitting and oversized styles work best and say goodbye to anything made from Nylon or Polyester! I’m a huge fan of natural materials like Cotton, Linen & Silk for a more breathable option. (Especially if you’re planning on visiting cities in the tropics!) 

    5 - A cute Tote Bag

    Book, snacks, a towel, sunglasses….you always need a go-to tote that will fit all your essentials in. Make the right choice girls; this bag will become your best ally this summer. 

    6 – A Bikini

    And a couple of them! If you are a sea lover like me, you’ll be in and out of the water all day long and so a few pairs of bikini’s or swimmers will be essentials for your Summer trip. I do love a cute one piece (both for their style, practicality and ability to chuck on some denim shorts and head straight to the bar!) but if you’re planning on getting in some serious tan time then you’ll probs want a bikini or two as well. Just keep in mind, you may need something slightly practical if you want head off water skiing, wake-boarding or snorkelling….. Something to keep in mind for the ladies!

    Tropical Holiday Packing List Essentials - Free Download Packing List

    Tropical Holiday Packing List Essentials - Free Download Packing List

    7 - A Sun Hat

    Slightly niggly to travel with (Carry on or suit case?) but essential for both style and practicality. A good sunhat will finish off your Summer style, keep you cool under the mid-day heat and make sure that shot on insta gets a few extra likes! After mis-placing my favourite hat in an airport last Summer, I will now only travel with it in my suitcase, carefully packed with clothing around it and inside it. All in all, a Hat is definitely one of the best accessories to bring on your Summer holiday!

    8 - Your Sunglasses

    No good Summer was ever complete without a rad pair of sunglasses! There are so many cool brands around at the moment, that offer both style and quality in a cute pair of sunnies. Oh, and a good pair will keep you squinting and those Summer wrinkles at bay…. For another Summer at least!

     9 - Day to night shoes

    I know how it’s hard to leave the house with just 1 pair of shoot but ladies, do you really need 10 pairs of shoes for a week long vacation at the beach? I’m going to go ahead and answer that one for you with a No… Instead, choose two or three comfy pairs of shoes that you can use in any situation: a flip-flop for the beach and a nice flat for dinner and drinks and a solid walking shoes for pounding the pavement or that sunrise hike up a mountain. Of course to travel also means to discover so don’t forget your walking shoes!

    Tropical Holiday Packing List Essentials - Free Download Packing List

    10 - A Summer read

    Summer is one of the best times to relax and read all the books you have put on your ‘To Read’ list all year long. Fill up your kindle with a fresh bunch of new reads or pack your old favorite and enjoy. There is nothing quite like the silent pleasure of taking some time to read a good book under a shady umbrella…. Hello vacation!

    11 - Sunscreen

    Don’t forget your beach beauty must have! A high SPF sunscreen should be at the top of your list. Too much sun exposure is never good for skin (said every wrinkle ever). A good after-sun, aloe moisturizer is also a good option if you’re planning to spend some serious time out in the rays.

    12- A camera

    If you’re heading somewhere new or someplace with good pals, you’re going to want to cherish the memories with a few snaps. Everywhere you travel to has many places, beaches, temples, natural beauties that you’re going to want to explore and document to show Mum on your return home. Don’t forget to pack your camera or of course -your phone can also do the job! (Just put it on flight mode so you’re not always distracted by the latest snapchat or status update – you’re on vacation after all!)

    13 – An electronic adapter

    We all have the tendency to forget this little accessory. In case you forget it, don’t panic. You can find an adapter easily at every airport. If they’re not hanging out on the shelves of the suitcase store, they will be in a special section in the pharmacy.

    Last but not least, for a perfect Summer, don’t forget to bring your favorite jewellery from La Luna Rose! Jewellery makes for the best accessory to finish your outfit in the evening or glisten brightly poolside in your new Bikini. Our Scarves also make for the best style accessory to any Jean shorts & T-shirt. Well that’s in my opinion anyway!

    Enjoy your trip girls :) Be sure to tag your photos with #ChicasWhoTravel so we can see where you end up! x 

    Tropical Holiday Packing List Essentials - Free Download Packing List

    Tropical Holiday Packing List Essentials - Free Download Packing List

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