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    February 27, 2023 3 min read

    We're a little bias around here at the Luna & Rose office, some might say 'Overly Fond' of the eighties. But all great humans aside (Our entire team was born in 1980.... shhhh), the decade of the 80's truly was something. Giving birth to things such as Shoulder Pads, cabbage patch dolls, transformers, Neon, Leg Warmers and that's just scraping the surface. Some might say it was the best decade to be alive! 

    10 things that you know youre a kid from the 1980's
    12 things that you know you're a kid from the eighties if... 
    1. You owned any Cassette Tapes. Clunky, Plastic-Fantastic and oh-so-easy to tangle! Remember when you tried to record a song off the radio, double pushing play and record at that EXACT moment the song started. God damn those radio announcers introducing songs over the music... talking before the song ended! Oh, and the hours spent calling radio stations to request songs you needed for your mix tapes!
    2. The View Master was second best to space travel (Kind of still is?)
    3. Being beyond excited to get up on Saturday mornings so you could run to the TV and watch all of the cartoons. Truly nothing better. (But then came the feeling of despair at noon when the cartoons ended and the adult programs kicked in!)10 Things you know youre a kid from the 80's
    4. You owned anything Acid Washed. Wow, that's one way to upcycle your old stained threads!
    5. You 'Laid Out' in the sun in your backyard, with a Boombox, oil on your legs and Sun-in in your hair. If you know, you know. 
    6. Hours lost watching after school Cartoons like Scooby Dooby Do, Carmen Sandiego & Rug Rats. (Oh hey Tommy, Chucky & Phil & Lil!)
    7. Dial Up Internet. And the limitation that put on your lengthy phone calls! Aint no such thing as internet AND phone chats...
    8. Spending all day at school with your pals and coming straight home to call them. "It's funny, I absolutely hate talking on the phone now, but back then calling your friends was a big deal. Especially because you had to worry about trying to stretch the phone cord just far enough around the corner so that your parents couldn't eavesdrop (even though though were probably secretly listening on the other line)." 
     10 Things you know youre a kid from the 80's

    9. You bedazzled the hell out of some sweaters or Shoes or Denim skirts.

    10. Super Loose Fireworking. It really was a night enjoyed by everyone, no matter your age or fear factor. (What fear). Remember the Fireworks with the Parachute guy that flew out? How about the hectic Buzzy Bees that had everyone jumping up and down trying not to get burnt. Ahh, the good 'ol days...

    11. In the 80's, it was still kosher to play dodge ball in gym class....

    12. Gaming. Like the OG style. When you 'gamed' at home on your rented Atari 2600 or Sega Master System and your 'card' could be pulled out right before your eyes ... just when you were about to win 3 more lives, but your brother was sick of watching you for 2 hours. Game over, all in the swipe of a cassette card...

       10 Things you know youre a kid from the 80's
      Other things that show you're a kid of the 80's? 

      Side Pony-tails, Cabbage Patch Dolls, BumBags, Eye Shadow as big as your face (Or your mums was at least!), My Little Pony, You rocked a mullet (girls too!) The Goonies, You wore leg-warmers (or knew someone who did), Shoulder Pads, Mario Cart, 'Cheers', Scrunchies and Steamed EVERYTHING for dinner. 


      It would be fun to go back for a day to see it and all of your old friends in the eighties once again, wouldn't it?


      Because space travel still isn't a thing, why don't you check out our recent 80's inspired jewellery collection called 'CINDI' over here instead...

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