**Our Golden Giveback Programme is currently closed. Check back again soon and sign up to our email list to know when we are back up & opening our mailboxes to receive your jewellery!**

Welcome to the loop! We are so excited to invite you, our incredible customers, fans, friends and followers to walk hand in hand with us and join our circular production.

Once a year, here at Luna & Rose we open up our mailboxes to receive customers old jewellery that would otherwise get thrown into landfill. Once we receive your old items of jewellery, we will melt, recycle and re-mould these pieces into new designs, and in return, send you Giveback Vouchers to spend on our online store! It’s a win win both for our beautiful Mother Earth and you, our amazing supporters.

Sound Rad?Trust us, It is. But be patient - we can't offer this epic service all year round! Check back again later in 2022 for when our next Golden Giveback will be available for you to recycle your jewellery with us.

Keen to hear more? Here are the steps involved.


We created a super sweet video to help explain our Golden Giveback project for you too. Turn your sounds on and watch in 5 simple steps how to Recycle your old jewellery with us!

Check it out by clicking below:


Ever since the creation of our brand in 2014, Luna & Rose has been producing jewellery in a closed loop production with all jewellery being made from Recycled Sterling Silver.

By inviting our customers to send in their old jewellery that is no longer worn, Luna & Rose will melt it down, recycle the metals and re-design old jewellery into our future collections.

Luna & Rose strongly believes in the ripple effect. By opening up our circular production and inviting customers participate, we hope to inspire positive change for both the jewellery and fashion industry, as well as individual mind-sets on where you choose to spend

and invest your money each and every day.

Check back soon, we would love to have you on our recycling journey with us x