It’s fair to say that Luna & Rose would not be where we are today without the talents, dedication and contagious smiles of our local artisans. You’ll be happy to know that every single piece is lovingly handmade in small batches by a wee collective of family-run workshops, whether that’s our expert sandal maker Nano or our wallet crafting couple Putu and Hanafi.

From ensuring safe and ethical working conditions and paying the g-darn living wage, through to flexible pet policies and snacks on us, we do everything we can to make our team feel appreciated, rewarded and part of the crew. 


Last - but most certainly not least - Nano handcrafts our sandals to order. He manages his extremely talented team, working as a translator in between. We admire Nano’s patience and calm demeanor, as well as his ability to understand our needs to perfection. A trip to Nano’s is never a short one, as he is full of wise words and life wisdom, often telling Rosie that she works too hard and should nap more...

We are incredibly proud to have found such a diverse range of talents on the island of Bali to bring all of our designs and creations to life. From our Organic Dye House to our impeccably detailed Silversmiths to our tailors, there are a range of talented hands that each and every Luna & Rose piece passes through and livelihoods we support through the slow production of our collections.

Thank you for supporting us which in turn, supports these beautiful souls behind the brand.


Now you've meet the legends behind each piece, want to dig deeper and learn a little more about what materials and fibres we choose to work with?