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    November 15, 2018 6 min read

    Lily Walker Print Designer from UK For La Luna Rose Island Store

    She is the designer of our new Island Store prints, and she did it well. Today let’s have 5 minutes with the talented Lily Windsor Walker. When I first meet Lily, it was on Instagram. I was scrolling and scrolling until I find this beautiful account with a lot of prints pictures. I immediately fell in love with these prints and I was like ‘OMG I want to collaborate with this girl!’ With a lot of project in mind I knew that it would match. And that’s happened!

    So Lily first thanks you to be part of this interview! Before we get the good stuff…. Where do you currently live?

    Thanks so much for having me! I am currently living in Leeds in the United Kingdom but my hometown is Manchester which is about an hours train ride away.

    What is your favourite thing living there?

    I love how cultural Leeds is, it’s home to a lot of extremely talented independent artists who often set up exciting events and exhibitions around the city. I live in a student area which is close to a lot of cool bars and this gorgeous picture house which showcases films from all around the world. There’s often a wide selection of artists and bands playing around Leeds almost every night, so there is always something to do.

    I also like how similar it is to Manchester, which is where I'm originally from. It’s so weird because it’s got all the amazing qualities of Manchester but all squeezed into one smaller Leeds sized city!

    Lily Walker Print Designer from UK For La Luna Rose Island Store

    Sounds amazing! What is your idea of a perfect day in Leeds?

    To be honest, I absolutely love going to my University. The studio is such a creative and inspiring place filled with some of my favorite people. So my perfect day would be to go to uni (not for too long though...) to paint, draw or design. Then after I would either go and watch a film at the local independent picture house or go out into the center with my friends to have a drink and a dance, or maybe even both!

    Cool! Tell us a little bit more about your early years....when did you first realize that art and was something you want to pursue?

    I’ve always loved to draw and remember being fascinated by colouring books and glitter glue when I was a child! I think there was never an exact point where I realised I wanted to do art, as it was almost a part of my personality so came very naturally to me. My parents are both very creative so I have always been surrounded by art and have always been encouraged to live in the most imaginative and creative way possible!


    Where does your love of art and design come from?

    My parents mostly, they have always had such an influence in the way I live my life so I try and be as creative as possible. Having an amazing support system like my family and being surrounded by art at such a young age definitely helped me to understand it a bit more, and experiment with a lot of different ideas and ways to be creative.

    What inspires you everyday?

     I take a lot of inspiration from nature and the colours I see around me everyday. I live with 7 other art students, all of them having such a unique style and approach to their work. I think I take a lot of inspiration from them as well! Our house is filled with so many decorations (literally there’s probably a new one up each day, the latest addition is a disco ball made out of broken up CDs haha) and pictures on our walls, so it’s such a creative environment to live in.

    Where is your favourite place to express yourself and / or your art?

    The studio is a great place to express myself because I am surrounded by so many inspiring artists and designers who encourage each other so much. There’s always artwork hung up all over the studio so it’s pretty hard not to get inspired

    I LOVE how colourful your artwork is. I want it all! Do you have any favourite color(s) that you like to work with?

    I LOVE working with coral pinks and deep navys, I tend to stick to bright colours as they are the most fun to work with!

    Lily Walker Print Designer from UK For La Luna Rose Island Store

    What project you are most proud of to date?

    I am most proud of my final project in second year of university, which was highly influenced by the bright colours associated with the summer season and painterly, abstract florals. It was in this project that I discovered my love for screen printing!

    I am totally in love with the new Island Store prints you designed for La Luna Rose. They’re amazing! Where did you get your inspiration? 

    Thank you so much, it was so fun to do!! I first started drawing for this project whilst I was in France, so I was literally inspired by everything around me as I was staying in such a beautiful place. However France isn’t exactly a tropical country so I did have to google image some pictures of palm trees.....

    On that note, I'm really curious about you how you work and develop your ideas. People ask me this all the time so I would love to hear how a Graphic Artist's brain works vs mine! Can you explain what your artistic process looks like?

    I first start by drawing from what I see – usually plants and flowers, then I pick a colour pallet (one of my favorite bits) which sometimes takes me aaaaages because there are just so many different shades of colours in the world! After I've chosen one, I begin painting, collaging or mark making and then I scan in my work to then play about with on photoshop and turn into my final pieces. I’ve recently started to screen print some of my designs, which give each piece an incredible unique quality! This is definitely something I plan on doing a lot more in my future design processes.

    Amazing! How fun working across the different mediums of painting, sketching and digital work also. What do you find the most difficult part for you in this process / in your work?

    Lily walker Print designer from the UK For la luna Rose Tropical Island Store

    Probably starting on a blank piece of paper because it’s so daunting! It takes me a few attempts to start a piece of art (I am often surrounded by lots of screwed up bits of paper with half a flower on, which I’ve decided is the wrong colour) but once I've passed that hurdle and do something that feels right, everything seems to flow!

    I hear you! Blank pages and clean spaces scare me a little :P Now let’s talk about another form of art! What are your 3 favorite songs at the moment? 


     - I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free by Nina Simone

     - Another Sunny Day by Belle and Sebastian

     - Dancing in the Moonlight by Toploader (that one HAS to be on there)

    You’re all time favorite movie? 

    Hmmmm this is difficult! I would probably say Spirited Away by the Japanese director Hayao Miyazak. It’s the most beautiful film I've ever seen and was the first film I remember watching at the cinema with my dad!

    Cute! I havn't seen it... I might have to look that one up tonight. What is the last book you read? 

    Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton. Such a hilarious book, she writes with such ease and humor, it’s really hard to put down!

    Nice, again.... I havn't heard her I will have to check her out. Love me a good LOL via Kindle.... Last but not least, do you have any advices for budding artists like you who want to pursue their art?

    I think to just take any opportunity that comes your way, no matter how small it is, and to keep on going! Sometimes it’s really scary because people tell you how difficult it is to pursue a career in art but if it’s what you love then 100% go for it.

    Amen to that sister! Thank you so much for your time Lily, it was so nice getting to know more about your work & inspiration. 

    For more of Lily's work you can head over and follow her on instagram at @lilywalkerdesign or check out the amazing prints that she designed for our new Island Store below! x


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