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August 18, 2021 6 min read

Kendall Baggerly Luna Rose Linen Style

No doubt you are already following this inspiring, adventure-seeking traveller but if you're not... After you have read this rad little interview with Kendall, click through to follow her at the end (We'll pop her link in). This American-born, Australian adventuring legend truly makes you want to get off the couch and get out to explore your backyard wherever you are. Kendall shares an honest account of her life on the road, the highs and lows of travelling in a (super cute) VW combi van across, through and around Australia as well as many-a slow travel hacks along her way. 

Not only does she inspire us to get out and about and make the most of the beautiful nature we all have surrounding us but she also is a total style icon! Practicality on the road is a real thing and this girl sure has it dialled. (And we were stoked to hear how much she loved our new Plant-Dyed Linen pieces!)

Kendall Baggerly Luna Rose Linen Style

Without further ado, go and pour yourself a fresh brew and take 10 to explore a life on the road with Kendall Baggerly....

Thanks so much for taking 10 and chatting with us Kendall! As I'm sure you know we have a slight (major) girl crush on your go-getting stylish adventures. But before we get the good stuff, we've got a couple of quick fire questions to really get to 'know you'…

Sunset or sunrise? 

Whichever is over the ocean! So if I'm on the west coast – sunset. If I'm on the east – sunrise.

Sweet or Savoury? 

Savoury all the way!

Breakfast or Dinner? 


Gym, Run or Yoga?

Gym! I used to strength train back in Sydney and loved how strong it made me feel.

Loungewear or a Pretty Dress? 

Loungewear all day, every day.

Theme Park or Music Festival? 

Music festival.

Date night or Netflix & Chill?

Netflix and Chill

Summer or Winter?


3 Month travelling on a Budget or Luxe 1 week getaway?

3 months travelling on a budget – it's all about mindset!

Favourite Healthy Snack? 

Red capsicum and hommus

The last meal you ate? 

A warm veggie and bean chilli, topped with avo. So simple, so cheap, so healthy! 

The last gift you gave someone? 

We recently sent Glenn's mom some flowers for her birthday :)

Favourite 90’s Jam? 

MMMBop by Hansen brings back alllll the feels!

Nice! Now we’re through that… Can you please tell us a little more about what inspired you to head off & live in your dreamy Van aka Vance for the past year or so?

I'm originally from California, and when I moved to Sydney to be with my partner Glenn, I jumped straight into a full-time job in the city. While I'm incredibly grateful for that experience, we both quickly realized that city life wasn't for us – and that I had barely even seen the country I now call home. We originally bought Vance for weekend trips up and down the coast, and after a few months of doing that we decided to move into him full-time and do the lap of Aus! 

Kendall Baggerly Luna Rose Linen Style

What an awesome way to live simply & in connection with the Earth. Do you have a daily routine or is everyday different?

Every day is so different, especially when we're on the move a lot. But we always start our day with a coffee. It's our 'no-phone' time too, so it's a good way for us to start the day being present with one another. 

What are the biggest challenges of living a life on the Road?

Being so dependent on the weather is hard, especially with Australia's extremes! If it's windy or rainy, we're pretty stuck. Cloudy and rainy weather also means our solar panels aren't charging our secondary battery, which means it gets hard for us to charge our laptops, phones, fridge etc. if we're not driving Vance a lot. It can all get tricky at times!

Other than that, not always having access to a warm shower can be frustrating, but you learn pretty quickly to embrace cold water or just going a few days between washes ;)

And what are the biggest highlights? (I can imagine there are a lot!)

Oh boy, there are so many! Being able to take our home with us everywhere we go and travel on our own terms is amazing. 

Do you have any travel hacks on how to minimise waste on the road?

Luckily, living in such a small space means you don't buy unnecessary items, so your waste will decrease naturally that way. It's more convenient to use a safety razor, reusable makeup wipes, etc. simply because it means we don't have to store as much, so it's a win-win! 

We always have totes and produce bags on hand for shopping and seek out farmers markets and bulk food stores whenever we're near them to lessen the amount of packaging we consume. It can be pretty tricky when we're in remote areas and have little options, but it's all about being intentional in what you buy. We also hold on to and parcel/mail bags we receive and use those as bin bags if needed. It's a big learning process, but progress over perfection is key.

You have visited some incredible places (Always inspired by your beautiful photos!)… What has been the most amazing place you have visited to date & why?

It is SO hard to pick a favorite! Australia is so diverse and beautiful in many different ways. As a whole, I'd say Esperance is my top pick. There's so much to do – hiking, swimming,'s a nature-lover's paradise. I was seriously blown away by just how blue (and clear!) the water is there. It's one of those places that looks even better in person than it does in the photos!

Kendall Baggerly Luna Rose Linen Style

I can imagine comfort & practicality becomes essential. Do you have any go-to outfits that you live in on the road?

Comfort is key living on the road. My (tiny) closet consists of high-quality staple pieces that are comfortable and neutral-toned. Flowy dresses, linen sets and a nice pair of jeans are my go-tos.

(Wild question but how do you guys do your washing!?)

Haha, this is always a top question we get asked! We mostly go to laundromats when we're in towns, but we also have a 'Scrubba' wash bag if we're in desperate need of some clean undies and socks ;)

Did you save up a lot of money before you took off or are you working while on the road to pay for gas (and noodles!)?

We saved for about a year before hitting the road, which was very important given the fact that Vance decided to break down in the first few months. But we also do work from the road as photographers and videographers for brands and tourism boards, which is incredibly fun and keeps the trip (and noodles) going!

You also create beautiful content for brands while traveling, where do you find your inspiration for that?

I'm incredibly inspired by our ever-changing surroundings. Lately, Glenn and I have been very inspired by the morning and afternoon light – the way the sun hits everything at these times is magical. 

What has been your biggest learning since living on the road? 

That plans always change, and that's okay! Being open to change and adjusting quickly is so important in life, especially life on the road. Being upset about plans getting cancelled or situations having to change only makes your experience worse. So the quicker you can embrace the change, the better!

Weird question, but we love food….What’s your favourite snack, the one that breaks your heart when you find out its not in stock?

I'm a sucker for those baked snap pea snacks, I think the brand is called Harvest Snaps. The chilli flavor is SO GOOD. I stock up on them before we go anywhere remote! 

Kendall Baggerly Luna Rose Linen Style

What is one piece of advice that you live by or hold close to your heart?

Growing up, my mom always told me to never bother worrying about things I can't control. That advice has always stuck with me, and has gotten me through some pretty tough times. Not being able to go home and visit my family in the states (and not knowing when I'll be able to in the future) has been rough, but all of that is out of my control, and focusing on it is only going to make the situation harder. It's a lot easier said than done, but it's so important to focus on what you actually can control and change.

Last but not least, if you weren’t doing / living this life, where do you think you would be?

I think if I hadn't met Glenn, moved to Australia and hopped in Vance, I'd most likely still be back in California, working in marketing and climbing my way up in my career. I was very focused on material things and job status back then, so it's safe to say it would be a very different lifestyle than the one I have now!

Legend huh? Head over and follow Kendall over on @kendallbaggerly  **Warning** You may want to pack up, sell everything and head off of the road for an unconfirmed length of time post following her!

Kendall wears our:


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