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June 12, 2019 4 min read

Bali Packing List for a one day adventure on the island

Whether you’re planning a trip this year or next… we’re pretty sure Bali is on your ‘to-visit’ list. For work or holiday (or both!) there are so many beautiful places to visit and things to do in Bali. From beach clubs to walks through rice paddie villages to volcano hiking, white water rafting and eating some of the best food you’ve ever eaten…. Bali really is a one-stop shop. So, once you’ve booked your ticket, the next step is to pack that bag my friends! We’re here to help you prepare for your day trips once you land and have put together the best Bali Packing List for a Day Trip on the island.

We have split this blog post into 2 parts. Here we share with you what to wear and next week we will help share what you will need to take with you in your bag for your trip around the island! If you have any questions at all or ideas, we would love to hear from you! For now, I present to you part 1 of our Bali Packing list. 

Bali Packing List: What to wear


    Our Bali packing list begins with the clothes that you will wear the day of your activities Depending on what you will end up doing during your day exploring, my advice is to wear lightweight shorts and a top. (I love these Denim shorts from our fave Les Basic’s store!) I’m a huge fan of natural materials like Cotton, Linen & Silk for a more breathable option in the hot humid tropical air. If you’re heading out on a hike or into the rice fields around Ubud and central Bali there are a lot of mosquitos so you might want to wear longer pants or a long skirt. It’s never too cold in Bali with temperatures sitting around 25 – 33°C year round. However at night time in the mountains around central Bali you will need a jumper (Especially if you’re driving a scooter!) Our Organic Cotton T-Shirts are perfect for this:


      Perhaps the most useful item in our Bali packing list is a Tote Bag! A tote bag is the perfect size to fit all your essentials without being too big and annoying. It fits your towel, shirt (To cover you from the Sun) Book, drink bottle, phone, wallet & some snacks... Oh and did we mention you still look cute carrying one around? There are some many gorgeous Tote Bags around these days, being the savvy shoppers and all it's not ofte we're seen leaving the house without one! I know we might be bias but.... we do have some pretty cute ones on offer in our ISLAND STORE. Oh you don’t have one yet?! Thats's cool, we've got you covered my friend. Check out our 3 rad prints designed by Lily Walker for our ISLAND STORE collection below: These guys are not only super cute and made from strong Linen Fabric, they will be your best friend for all your adventures to come! 


      If there’s one essential item you need on your holiday to Bali (Or anywhere where the sun is out for 90% of daylight hours!) it’s got to be a slick rick pair of Sunglasses…. For the pure fact that the Sun really doesn't stop! A good pair of Sunglasses (We love Australian brand Velvet Canyon eyewear) will stop you from squinting and keep those Summer wrinkles at bay for another year or so... (Yep, you can thank us later!) So once you have your Tote Bag, pop in your favourite pair of Sunglasses and you're getting closer to be packed & ready. 
      Bali Packing List for a one day adventure on the island

      A SCARF

      The very most practical of fashion accessories would have to be a scarf. Too Windy & hair getting in your face while trying to summit the Volcano? Whip a scarf around your head and keep those fly-aways down. Forgot your hair tie? No stress, loop your scarf around your hair to make your ponytail. Heading through a market with one too many freaky smells coming out? You also can use it to cover your mouth or nose. Especially here in Bali when you’re riding a scooter, there can be a lot of pollution in the air and by tying a scarf around your mouth will prevent you from breathing in the dust & fumes (I promise, it’s not like that everywhere!) All in all, a Scarf is definitely one of the best accessories to bring on your Summer holiday. Don’t have one? We’ll help you out, we have a pretty fun range of printed scarves! Below are our ULU scarf designs (They also look amazing wrapped around a sun-hat for an extra design detail!)

      A SUN HAT

      Not the easiest of items to travel with but essential for both style and sunburn prevention... A good sunhat will finish off your Summer style and keep you cool under the mid-day tropical heat. TOP TRAVEL TIP: You can put it in your suitcase, carefully packed with clothing around it and inside it to prevent it from bending. If you don’t yet have a hat, check out my favourite Will & Bear they have amazing & stylish gear for your head! Forgot to bring one? No stress, there are so many gorgeous straw hats available on the streets of Bali that you can pick up as soon as you arrive. The streets of Bali have you covered…. Literally! 
      Bali Packing List for a one day adventure on the island


      To travel safely, we are big fans of wearing a St Christopher pendant. He is the Patron Saint of Travel and will help protect & help keep you safe from harm wherever your adventures may take you. Travel pal aside, our St Christopher necklace is so cute it will make all your holiday outfits look amazing! Our jewelry is made entirely with recycled Sterling silver, making sure our impact is kept light on the planet when producing out pieces. We’re a big fan of St Christopher and all that he represents & suggest you nab one before you head off on your next trip… just to be sure!
      Next week we will take you through what you will need in your bag! Stay tuned pals, we're here to help you out with all your Tropical holiday needs. In the meantime, if you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us here.

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