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October 07, 2021 3 min read

We are SO excited to share with you our recent jewellery collaboration project with one of our favourite Australian fashion brands - Arnhem Clothing. With sustainability at the forefront of both brands, it was a natural fit for Luna & Rose to partner with this boho sustainably-focussed Byron Bay fashion brand for the launch of their new ‘Forever Young’ Spring collection.

The 'Forever Young' collection, was inspired by Bob Dylan’s song by the same name which was written as a lullaby for his son to stay strong and happy. Each piece in this jewellery capsule collection is an ode to strength, optimism and being true to oneself. A daily reminder to stay forever young in your heart...

Over the past 9 months we have been working together with the Arnhem Design & development team to come up with a small capsule range of jewellery that would tie in well with their new Spring range. We tossed back ideas over hundreds of emails about different pendant shapes, necklace layering options, hoop earrings, studs, ear cuffs... you name it, it was probably in the 'design idea basket'! After finally settling on these 4 cohesive designs, we were off and production was under way. 

Luna & Rose jewellery collab with arnhem boho clothing

Here at Luna & Rose we use the lost wax carving method of producing our pieces. Therefore, the first step to produce the designs is to carve our 2D computer drawn designs out of jewellers wax. Our talented wax carver Putu got to work, carefully carving, sanding, shaping these designs that combine intricate details of the prints used in Arnhem's clothing with the Luna & Rose signature base shapes and styles.

Once Putu had finished his incredibly wax designs and they were approved by the Arnhem design team, we went ahead to produce the Master Mould for each piece so we could start the casting process. Once the moulds are produced, these are injected with hot melted Sterling Silver to set into the design. 

From here, it's off to finishing and putting the pieces together! Our Silversmiths worked their magic to polish, shine, app loops, studs, piece parts of the earrings together until wallah, we have our finished Silver pieces!

Luna & Rose x Arnhem Clothing Jewellery collab collection

As this collection is currently only offered in our Gold plating which means once the Silversmiths have completed their handiwork, it's off to be Gold Plated in 3 layers of 18kt gold vermeil. This is an electro-magnetic extremely scientific process whereby real gold attaches itself to the Silver pieces through a carefully timed process in a lab. Once each piece has been through that process, it's the home stretch! QC'd by our in house quality control team and a final polish and we have these beautiful finished golden delights, ready to be adorned around the necks and ear lobes of ladies across the globe!

There are 4 beautiful pieces in this limited edition capsule, made entirely from Recycled Sterling Silver + layered in 3 layers of 18kt gold. There are 2 necklaces designed to layer together on 18" and 20" chain and 2 pairs of statement earrings, ready for styling with your outfits for many moons to come. Check out the entire collection here or keep scrolling for inspiration.

 Luna & Rose x Arnhem Clothing Jewellery collab collection

Luna & Rose x Arnhem Clothing Jewellery collab collection


Luna & Rose x Arnhem Clothing Jewellery collab collection

Luna & Rose x Arnhem Clothing Jewellery collab collection

Luna & Rose x Arnhem Clothing Jewellery collab collection

Luna & Rose x Arnhem Clothing Jewellery collab collection

Luna & Rose x Arnhem Clothing Jewellery collab collection

Luna & Rose x Arnhem Clothing Jewellery collab collection


You can shop the Arnhem x Luna & Rose jewellery collaboration collection here.  

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