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Breakfast in Berawa, Canggu | Our top 5 picks

October 05, 2021 4 min read

Ok, full disclaimer... this was one of the hardest articles to write, purely due to the fact that there is SO MUCH good food in Berawa. Literally, you could eat at a different cafe for breakfast for 4 weeks and not be bored or disappointed! So, I've done the hard yards, eaten... returned...eaten again & decided on these top 5 places for breaky in Berawa (Knowing that there is also another Top 5 that missed out too!)

Without further ado and in no particular order, here goes our fave cafes in the Berawa hood:

Berawa Breakfast best Eats, Canggu, Bali

1) Milk & Madu

Serving up one of the best coffee's you will be able to find in Bali (Yep, willing to make that huge call!) they also sit very highly in the game of 'Best Smoothie bowl in Bali' too. Their creamy chocolate rendition of a breakfast mousse/smoothie is something my personal breakfast dreams are made of, lightly crusted with cashews, cacao & banana. They also have a range of everyones go-to eggs on toast variations, Skillet eggs, freshly baked croissants & thirst quenching juices. Milk & Madu is conveniently located just up the road from the Luna & Rose boutique and is Kid friendly with free face painting and activities every morning! 

Must Try: Peanut Butter Cup 

Go there for: The Coffee & A place to entertain the kids

Location: Jl. Pantai Berawa No. 52, Berawa, bali

Sal's secret Spot Berawa Breakfast best Eats, Canggu, Bali

2) Secret Spot

 A cute hole-in-the-wall & beautifully decorated with surf memento's & light quotes, Secret Spot now has a few locations across Bali but I love their Berawa hang the best - it's literally hidden & you could easily miss it, hence it being a bit of a 'Secret Spot'. I love coming here for all meals (and mainly for desert... definitely don't leave without trying their Vegan Wagon Wheel!) These guys are completely vegetarian & serve up delicious sweet treats, an epic breaky burrito, delicious Avo on Toast & enough smoothie bowl variations to keep you coming back Monday to Friday! 

Secret Spot has a warm welcoming feeling & is the kind of spot you want to grab your journal, sit back & dine & drink the day away while scribbling your thoughts.

Must Try: Waffles or any of their Wraps!

Go there for: A cute spot to feel at home, And their Sweet Treats (After breakfast of course...)

Location: Jl. Pantai Berawa No. 44, Berawa, bali

Synkonah Berawa Breakfast best Eats, Canggu, Bali

3) Synkonah

Our go-to for cocktails also happens to be one of our Go-to's for Breakfast! Weird? Kind of, but it's a huge praise to their head chef Lachie for creating such a killer menu! Synkonah is a cool open space that is great for large groups or cute couple dates. These guys make a mean Rosti, offer deliciously healthy breaky options with the Quinoa & Falafel bowls and their fresh juices & strong coffee hits just the spot. It's located a 2 minute walk from Berawa beach so after you've done your morning fitness, continue your stroll up the road & park yourself at Synkonah for a delicious breaky feast!

Must Try: Anything on any of their menu's + their Smoothies!

Go there for: Convenient location close to the beach with cute decor, high quality chef-driven cuisine & comfy chairs!

Location: Jl. Pantai Berawa No. 44, Berawa, bali

Peloton Supershop Bali Best Eats

4) Peloton Supershop Cafe

Conveniently located just next door to secret spot and around the corner from Milk & Madu, Peloton Supershop is like a Berawa must-visit. In fact, Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, we're not fussed over which meal you choose to dine in on here because, well, they're all as epic as the other! Step inside to be greeted with some of the friendliest staff on the island, this Vegan hub is abuzz with Expats on their way back from their morning surf fuelling up on their fave coffee before the day ahead, gal pals catching up for work dates and, well, actual Tinder dates too. Their quirky diner-style decor is reason enough to come & whip your eyes over as is their selection of delicious Vegan 'sweet treats'. Peloton Cafe serves up all your breakfast favorites from Smoothie Bowls to Avo on Toast to delicious fresh salads & Gluten Free Hotcakes. I love hanging out here for a spot of work and chowing down on their One of their INSANE Smoothies or Buddha Bowls for lunch... and of course their smooth, strong coconut Coffee!

Must Try: Any of their Smoothie Bowls!

Go there for: When you're feeling naughty but still want to be healthy AF. Also their unique decor & consistently delicious coffee!

Location: Jl. Pantai Berawa No.46, , Berawa, bali

Baked Bakery, Berawa Breakfast best Eats, Canggu, Bali

5) Baked

If you're a carb kinda gal... go straight past go & park up here for the day. These guys are professional bakers and boy do they know what they're doing! Serving up delicious pastries & croissants, their sourdough is also something to write home about. I am obsessed with their Tomato on Toast which has some unique mystery flavours that I can't quite describe and are only, well, worth stopping by for! I also love the vibe in BAKED, their relaxed nature, the daily newspaper that's on offer for an international news fix & a cute store upstairs with everything from Bikini's, Denim, jewels & leather goods. Feeling a little home sick? BAKED is your spot for a morning of home comfort & cheering up all around. 

Must Try: Tomato on Toast

Go there for: To read the paper, Their friendly staff, great coffee & home comfort vibes. 

Location: Jl. Raya Semat, Gg, Kupu Kupu, No. 1. Berawa, bali

Sooo, Now's your chance to hit the road and go and try these cafe's out for yourself and let us know your thoughts! Who do you think serves up the best Almond Croissant & who brews the best Coffee? x

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