The Luna & Rose Gift Guide | Let's help you find the perfect sustainable gift!

December 03, 2019 4 min read

Christmas is almost upon us! We've put together a list of ideas of sustainable gifts from Luna & Rose that will help inspire your shopping choices this Christmas. All of our gifts come complimentary gift-wrapped and ready to gift to those special humans. Feel like someone might need a little hint on what you have been eyeing up? All of our products now have a cute little 'Drop a Hint' button too!

Sustainable Gift Ideas for Mum - Luna and Rose jewellery

Oh our beloved Mothers. Whether you are one, you’re shopping for one or you are looking forward to being one in the future, we’ve got some pretty special gift ideas focussing in on the Mum’s in our life! We can suggest checking out a few of the below pieces:

  1. Serena Necklace Pendant for 'Love'
  2. Organic Dyed Tote Bag
  3. Linen Bandana Scarf
  4. Our 'Mum' Bundle of goodies
  5. Suzanne Necklace Pendant for 'Protection'
  6. St Gerard - Patron Saint of Motherhood Necklace
  7. St Nicholas - Patron Saint of Children Necklace

Sustainable Gift Ideas for the accessories Lover - Luna and Rose jewellery

 The lady who loves a good layer and doesn’t leave the house without something in her lobes! They’re rife here in the Luna & Rose office (Go figure) and boy we love shopping for the accessories lovers! From jewels to wallets to cute tote’s. You have come to the right place to shop for this lady! Check out our recommendations below:

  1. Purchase her 2 of our best-selling layered necklaces (Choose 18", 20" or 23" lengths to layer)
  2.  Our new and statement-like Monterey Hoops
  3.  Celeste Hoops (Perfect for layering)
  4.  Gift Voucher (A Guarantee good time for an accessories lover!)


Sustainable Gift Ideas for your BFF - Luna and Rose jewellery

The most fun present of all, shopping for your BFF is always a treat! Because she’s your bff you are all over her style and know which layer length of necklace she is missing and if she needs some midi hoops or a new tee to match her ne denim shorts for Summer. Our St John pendants make for the cutest BFF forever matching pendants while our Charity T-shirts are an awesome gift to give back to the planet with. Some cute picks for your BFF are:

  1. A good start is our Bff Bundle!
  2.  The ultimate BFF necklace, our St John Patron Saint of Friendship Pendant
  3.  Organic Cotton Charity T-Shirt - Gifting to your other BFF (The planet) at the same time!
  4.  Mini Monterey Hoops
  5.  An online Gift Voucher (Guarantee!)


Sustainable Gift Ideas for your lover - Luna and Rose jewellery

You know he loves Luna & Rose but you’re not quite sure what to get her? We feel you. Our first suggestion would be to ask her to head to our website and get her to ‘Drop a Hint’ to you but clicking on our Drop a Hint button on our product page. Next step? Get super cute and sentimental and purchase one of the below 

  1. St Dwynwyn the Patron Saint of Lovers
  2. St Jude the Patron Saint of Hope & Impossible Causes
  3. St John the Patron Saint of Friendship
  4. One of our Online Gift Vouchers!

Sustainable Gift Ideas for the Tropical Lover - Luna and Rose jewellery


They’re the lady who is always in search of her next beach session. In the depths of Winter she’s booking a trip to Bali or Southern Europe. In Summer, you won’t see her without sand between her toes. For our Summer tropical lover we’ve got some cute gift ideas which include:

  1. Susan Sandals - Printed or Organic Dyed
  2. Shell we Dance? Shell earrings
  3. Traveling Trev Wallet - Printed or Organic Dyed
  4. Pacific Palm Pendant, Pacific Palm Ring and matching Pacific Palm Earrings!
  5. Printed Tote Bag for all the adventures

Sustainable Gift Ideas for the Eco Warrior - Luna and Rose jewellery

Our Eco Warrior friends are the ones that are the most conscious of shoppers. And we get it! Often found shopping on the weekend at Salvo’s or filling up their jars at the refillery, the below Luna & Rose pieces would make for the perfect gifts for our Eco Warriors:

  1. An Organic Dyed Tote Bag
  2. St Assisi - Patron Saint of Animals and the environment Pendant made from Recycled Sterling Silver
  3. One of our Organic cotton Charity T-Shirt's that donates $25 back to the planet for every sale
  4. Our Eco Warrior Gift Bundle of goodies!

Sustainable Gift Ideas for the City Gal - Luna and Rose jewellery

We all know one! They’re the gal who loves to shop, is up at the crack of dawn for her daily commute to the big smoke, never has a hair out of place and is always looking the picture with her stylish city gears. She probably loves a long black (or 3) and is never without her accessories! For our City gals we have the below suggestions:

  1. The perfectly thought out City Gal Gift Bundle
  2. One of our Linen Triangle Bandana scarves
  3.  The Statement Monterey Hoops
  4.  Our in-house favourite Ulu Hoop earrings
  5. Choose on of our popular necklaces to layer together 

Sustainable Gift Ideas for the Traveler - Luna and Rose jewellery

Pretty sure deep down we’ve all got a little ‘Traveler’ in us! And that may just be the reason why our St Christopher Travel Safe pendant is one of our biggest sellers! Is your pal heading off on a big trip? I can highly suggest gifting on of our Traveling Trev wallets. Want a little sentimental piece of jewellery for her to take with? Check out our below recommendations:

  1.  The ultimate Traveler gift Bundle
  2. Our Just Plane Adventurous Charm! Available for a bracelet, necklace, ring or earring.
  3. Every traveler needs a cute scarf!
  4.  St Christopher the Patron Saint of Travel or St Raphael - the patron saint of happy meetings necklace Pendant
  5. And once they have a cute scarf? They need a tote bag! Perfect for beach days or cty adventures, our printed tote's can travel the world with you in style.
  6.  Our Traveling Trev wallet really is the most handy Travel accessory you may ever come across (Bias I know, but this is fact!)

Sustainable Gift Ideas for your lover - Luna and Rose jewellery

You know he loves Luna & Rose but you’re not quite sure what to get her? We feel you. Our first suggestion would be to ask her to head to our website and get her to ‘Drop a Hint’ to you but clicking on our Drop a Hint button on our product page. Next step? Get super cute and sentimental and purchase one of the below 

    1. St Dwynwyn the patron saint of Lovers
    2. St John the Patron saint of Friendship
    3. Gift Voucher (A Guarantee good time for your lover!)


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