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Eating in Canggu. Our Top Picks

October 31, 2022 7 min read

Eating in Canggu. It’s a lot. But in the most mouth watering, overwhelming, delicious, everything's on offer, anxiety inducing how-can-I-fit-it-all-in, kind of way!

I get messages almost every day asking for recommendations of where to eat in Canggu so I thought I would put together a list of my personal favourites. While I can (almost) assure you that there are no bad meals in Canggu, here is a few places that I would recommend to visit when you come to Canggu.

top 10 places to eat in Canggu

You basically can’t go wrong with a Breakfast in Canggu. With such a delicious fresh offering of tropical fruit to work with, every cafe in the area is serving up their version of  smoothie Bowls, Breakfast Burrittos, Nasi Goreng, Tropical Fruit Salads, Eggs done 100 different ways, Banana Pancakes, Jaffles and Salad bowls…There are a couple of places that find us going back to week after week though…And while we could write a book on eating in Canggu, we’ll cap it at 10 per meal and then let you choose:

  1. Shady Shack - There is no better way to start your day sitting amongst the trees in their cute garden, slurping down a fresh smoothie & tucking into 
  2. Canteen - Great Coffee and their Dragonfruit Smoothie Bowl is one of my all time favourites on the island! They also do a great Breakfast set for when you can’t decide between sweet or Savoury..
  3. Vida Cafe - You can’t help but leave here feeling so healthy, light and fulfilled! Anything on their menu is worth trying including their Ayuvedic shots to really kick start your day.
  4. Copenhagen - Great for indecisive mornings where you want a little of everything (aka hungover?!) They offer small plates of delicious morsels - Their cinnamon bun situation is to die for!
  5. Bali Budha - A Cafe come supermarket, if you would prefer to make your own breaky at your accom, Bali Budha is a great place to stop by, pick up some fresh organic produce & muesli to do it!
  6. Ruko - An Original Coffee hut that was one of the original cafe’s in Berawa where the expats would all hang after their morning surf. We love their coffee & quick service. Ruke is small, cute, and a perfect place for your morning coffee to watch Bali life go by. If you’re staying in Pererenan, check out their Sister cafe called Front. 
  7. Pastries - I don’t know why or how but Bali serves up Pastries & croissants that truly give the French a run for their money (Probably because a Frenchie is in the kitchen making these!) If you’re a Croissant Queen like me, Be sure to check out Baked, Butterman & Monsieur Spoon (Multiple locations).
  8. Milk & Madu - A no-brainer if you’re rolling kids in toe! They have locations in both Berawa and Beach Road (Echo Beach area), serve up all your ‘aussie classics’ with great coffee and a kids play area. They also have 2 4 1 Pizza nights on Tuesday & Sundays as well as Live music & face painting for the kiddies on Sunday mornings - Brunch bliss! Open for 3 meals a day, 7 days.
  9. Sensorium - It took me a while to try this place and so glad I finally did! What a cool unique concept that really 'tickles all the sensories'. You may need to book in busy season, but this delicious take on breakfast (Or any meal to be honest) is well worth checking out.
  10. Nude Cafe - Located in Berawa, a great place with all your classics on the menu for 3 meals a day. Nude cafe have super friendly staff and is the home to many a laptop for their inside AC area for those on a working holiday / need to catch up on emails!
  11. Cinta - This cute cafe has been around for many many moons and we love the location + different option of breaky food. Their Shukshuka rocks. (Although if we're being completely honest, I would grab a coffee from somewhere else before eating....) Rice Paddies now turned into buildings, they recently added a playground for kids which we love too! 
  12. BGS. Best Almond Milk Coffee you'll ever consume. Thank me later (They don't sell food - Coffee stop only + Pick up a pastry from Monsiour Spoon & head on down to the beach)
top 10 places to eat in Canggu


You’ll probably be too full from 3 breakfasts but here are some of our Lunch faves!

  1. Sprout Cafe - Drop the kids off at the Garden Early Learning for 2 hours and sit back & tuck into their Trio of Salads. Nothing else!
  2. Shady Shack - Anything & everything on their menu. I am entirely obsessed with the Rice Roll ups (Not to share!) and their Nori Bowl
  3. Falafel Temple - Lunch or Dinner, if you’re a falafel lover don’t leave Canggu without trying it!
  4. The Woods - As if Great Food wasn’t reason enough to leave your villa, but the cool decor and fit-outs that Bali Cafes & restaurants do so well is another! The Woods is newly opened and VERY cool. Built with old Boats, beautiful Teak wood with a central tree running through the large restaurant. A great place for any meal of the day.
  5. Secret Spot - Everything on their menu is delicious, hearty & so affordable! They also have a range of vegan treats you can’t go past on your way out… I LOVE their Shwarma’s. 
  6. Ulekan - Delicious Indonesian Street food, I can highly recommend at least 1 meal at Ulekan on your trip to Canggu so that you get to experience the deliviuous Indonesia flavours of fresh turmeric, coconut, satay, rendang….Oh, and don’t leave without getting their Banoffi Pie!
  7. Lola’s - Mexican done well, with a super festive vibe! Located right on ‘The Short Cut’ road, you will often have to queue to get in here on a Friday night when the Margaritas are flowing. Lola’s is open for 3 meals a day, it’s a great price and classic Mexican. We love their offering of Hot Sauces.
  8. I am Vegan Babe - As if Canggu didn’t already convert you to becoming Vegan - this place might! So many ‘tricken’ and ‘cheat beef’ options of meat alternatives, along with delicious smoothies and cakes. If Shady Shack is full, pop 2 doors down to I am Vegan Babe for your vege treats.
  9. Santorini - Very authentic Greek food with a great range for both Vegetarians and meat-lovers. The cute Santorini-esque vibe will whisk you away to thinking you’re on a different island for a night!
  10. Sista - Dumplings anyone? Owned by a French / Indonesian couple who sure know their way around a dumpling or 5. Unique and delicious combinations, its a perfectly casual & delicious spot to get your Asian Food Fix. A little play area for kids too. 
  11. Penny Lane - If not for the food, pay a visit for the insanely cool fit out and building that we have done a few photoshoots at! Burgers, Cocktails, Aussie Classics. Their Sister restaurant 'Sisterfields' is a burger bar on the way back into Seminyak too.

top 10 places to eat in Canggu



From Fancy to Street food, you really can have and do whatever you feel like in Canggu for Dinner. Read on for a few varied options…

  1. Mason - Delicious Middle-eastern inspired, date-night worthy, Sydney-esque fun fancy vibes. 
  2. Ji - Insane Japanese in a very cool Traditional Bali-esque building, overlooking the Ocean (Rooftop). Must visit!
  3. Falafel Temple - Arguably the best falafel + mezze platter you will find outside of Israel. If you’re looking for a Chill night, in bed-netflix by 8pm kind of vibe, there is no better dinner to set you up! (And then order the nut-bar’s on Go-Shop from Bali Buddha for desert, you can thank me later!)
  4. Mosto - Trendy, delicious, sharing plate, date-night kind of vibe. 
  5. La Lucciola - This old school favorite is located overlooking the beach in Seminyak & is well worth the 15 minute taxi drive (or 20 minute walk along the beach back towards the airport). It’s beautiful Bamboo building, romantic ambience and delicious Italian food make it a night to remember.
  6. Black Sands - Less Dinner & more, Pre-Dinner / Afternoon Drinks vibe, Black Sands Brewery is great for a freshly poured beer (Harder to find on the island than you would think!). It’s huge space means its great for larger group catch ups too (and kids)!
  7. Luigis - Pizza. Best in Canggu (Along with Arte in Pererenan). Get your fix however be warned - Monday nights here are a full blown rave! Get in early to avoid the party or book your spot for a late night boogie & margarita!
  8. Synkonah - A lovely open space serving up some of the best cocktails you will get to enjoy on the island (they have a daily happy hour too!). Just up the road from Berawa Beach, stop in after sunset on your way home for their delicious sharing menu, you won’t be disappointed! Classy, delicious and not too pricey, Synkonah is on our weekly to-eat.
  9. L’Osteria - Probably some of the best italian you will enjoy outside of Italy! (And you may just feel like you ARE in italy in this very cool concept fit-out). Be brave and try a few of their dishes, they do cheese very well! 
  10. Riviera - Romantic, dark, trendy vibes, Riviera is like the ‘city bar’ you may or may not be looking for on your island holiday. Pop in for a drink on your way to L’Osteria or enjoy a night in and escape from the madness of the island for a few hours.
  11. Sababa - More delicious Turkish Cuisine in a cool setting, if you can’t get in to Mosto or Synkonah, try Sababa (All located very close to each other)
  12. Lacalita - Delicious Margaritas and fancy-ish Mexican on the main strip of Batu Bolong. This old-school fave is a great spot for a vibe on your way up the road heading home from the beach at Sunset. Open for Lunch & Dinner.

All these delicious restaurants and cafes aside, I HIGHLY recommend that you get stuck into some street food on your trip to Bali. From Satay Tofu (Tahu Tipat) to Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng), Fried Bananas (Gorengan), Fried Noodles (Mie Goreng), Egg Omelette (Martabak) Satay Chicken (Satay Ayam) and sooo much more. Indonesians do a fantastic job at serving delicious morsels from small street carts and all for very cheap prices (Around $1 - $2.50). The best place to enjoy street food in Canggu is at the Berawa Soccer Field after 3pm, Along Pantai Berawa near Raya Canggu and along Jl. Raya Canggu after 6pm. 

I highly recommend everyone visiting the island gets themselves a ‘Terang Bulang’ which is an Indonesian Crumpet with Chocolate / Peanut / Banana - They are NEXT LEVEL!

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