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The Ultimate guide to 30a, USA (Never heard of it? Read why you should have!)

March 26, 2019 3 min read

Ace at the Beach - Ultimate guide to 30a in Florida, USAOur Lunacita Alden Easter has recently launched her guide to the 30A area – a beautiful beach area along the coast of Florida. While I have not (yet) visited, she sure does make a good case that we all SHOULD be visiting this beautiful section of the US. We took 5 to catch up with Alden to hear all about it..

Congrats on your launch of your new guide! Judging by your socializing on instagram you sure do seem like you know a thing or two about the Area... Silly question first up but how big is the 30a area?

Thank you so much! 30A is a 20 mile long stretch of gulf front views! There are many small communities on 30A. Seaside, Grayton, Aly’s, Rosemary Beach, and Blue Mountain Beach are just a few!

And where EXACTLY is it for those of us not living in the USA....

30A is located in the panhandle of Florida. So for anyone who thinks of Miami for Florida, we are 11 hours away from Miami! At the very northeast corner on the Gulf of Mexico.!

Ace at the Beach - Ultimate guide to 30a in Florida, USA

How did 30a get it’s name? When I first heard about this area from you I just thought it was a street!

You are right! It is the name of the main highway that connects all the beachfront communities. Since there are so many different vacation spots on this road it is easier to refer to the area as 30A.

As much as I want to ask you what’s your favourite place around 30A I’m going to leave that to those lucky enough to buy the guide... But I will ask, what inspired you to create this guide?

I am so lucky to call this place home. I wanted people who vacation to this area to get to experience it to the fullest. My hope with this guide is to inspire new visitors or people who have been coming for years to try new places and fully experience this area!

What’s been the most fun creating the guide? (Apart from drinking all the cocktails at the bars!?!)

Obviously the drinks and food were my favorite! I also really enjoyed getting to tell local businesses what I was doing It was really awesome to see people’s excited responses and to know I was doing something to help them!

Ace at the Beach - Ultimate guide to 30a in Florida, USA

Ace at the Beach - Ultimate guide to 30a in Florida, USA

Has it been a one man band or is there a team of you behind this?

This was a huge team effort between me and my extremely talented sister, Jordan Taylor. Jordan is the founder of Jaw Social Media and has been her own boss for a while. She was the one who designed the entire layout of the guide and helped make this dream a reality. She also inspires me and pushes me everyday to work hard. Without her constant support I would not have been able to make this happen!

What have you learned from creating this killer guide?

The biggest thing I learned was not to let fear stop you from doing anything. Sometimes having the social platform that I do I get worried about failing or people not liking something I do. I have been trying really hard this year to let myself be completely me and create the things that bring me joy! I have been slowly learning to let go of fear of failure and others’ opinions and going after what I want in life. Sharing my creativity brings me so much more joy than being afraid ever will!

Is this your calling? Should we be expecting to see some more guides from you later this year...?

I won’t reveal too much, but I would keep an eye out for more fun things to come soon!

Ace at the Beach - Ultimate guide to 30a in Florida, USA

Last but not least – WHY should we visit 30a and say, not Miami beach?!

Besides the crystal clear calm waters and sugar white sand, there is something special about coming to 30A. The people are friendly and this area is one of the few small and quaint beach towns left in the country. It is so peaceful and lacks skyscrapers and giant city backdrops like other beach spots. The towns are all unique, and there is always a fun new adventure to try! I love this place and I hope people considering a visit will go for it and come experience the magic that is here!

Also a little fun fact, we are one of the only places in the world with coastal dune lakes, which have a very unique ecosystem (the others are located only in Australia, New Zealand, Madagascar, and Oregon!)

Thanks so much legend, congrats again I can ‘t wait to see more from you! X You can download Alden’s new 30a Guide over HERE.

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