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April 30, 2022 5 min read

Rosie Shelton working alongside her Mum in Business

The journey of Motherhood is a complex one and different for every single person who chooses to become a Mother.  Whether you are a grand-mum, Dog-mum, Single mum, mum of 1, mum of 5 kids or a daughter of an amazing mum, we're here to say you're doing an amazing job! 

Another lady doing an amazing job is our founder & designer behind Luna & Rose who recently had her first bubba Pepe in 2021. While attempting to slow down her business while she took some time off to enjoy the early weeks & months of Motherhood, her business had different ideas.... Things were on the rise. We sat down and had a lovely honest conversation with Rosie about how she is finding Motherhood so far, as well as working alongside her own Mother in business. Put the kettle on & nestle in for an inspiring interview with this working Mama.

First up, congrats on the birth (and growth!)) of little Pepe. He is so adorable. How is he going!?

Thank you! He's going awesome, I know it sounds super cliche but I actually fall more in love with him & his cute smiles every day. He's just gone 8 months and he is in this super cool stage where he understands lots of things now, can semi self entertain but can't yet walk! I feel like as soon as that happens., it's when the madness truly begins...

How was your journey into Motherhood?

Pregnancy didn't come easy for my partner & I. We knew for a number of years that we would never be able to fall pregnant naturally. and it ended up taking us 4 full rounds of IVF before we finally got our little miracle embryo & Pepe was born. Because of the long, heartbreaking journey of actually trying to get pregnant, I was extremely relaxed about every other aspect of 'the process'. I didn't buy a single thing for Pepe before he was born, I didn't really care where or how he was born and I never prepared a Nursery! It was all consuming for a couple of years to get to that point so everything after that just didn't matter to us. Everyones journey to creating a family truly is so different, I love hearing about others stories and sharing any knowledge or support to others when I can. Only recently is it becoming more talked about, the reality of the challenges that so many people face in trying to create their family, it's a very different time to when our parents were conceiving (Or trying). 

Rosie Shelton working alongside her Mum in Business

What did you find the most challenging in your transition to becoming a mum? 

Initially I struggled with my new identity as 'a mum'... it's such a hard and weird one to explain and something that I never thought about before it happened (I guess you can't - nothing prepares you for being the owner of another little beings life!) but suddenly your world changes and you're no longer just you... I think connecting with other new mums in a similar boat was really beneficial to chat about this new world we all found ourselves in and the highs and lows that come with it. Along with my new identity & ownership of a little baby I definitely found a huge challenge in trying to run my business as well as be a Mama. I thought I would loose my ‘mojo’ for work but that didn’t happen, I only lost time! In the beginning it felt like I was in a straightjacket… all the ideas and things to do, just no hands (or time) to do it. As I am sure many of you know, having your own business has no ‘Off’ button so between breastfeeding, naptimes, eating, entertaining, navigating this new little human… time is so poor (and precious!) that its been so so hard to find a balance of how to ‘do it all’. He is 8 months now and we’ve found a groove with him in Daycare a couple of days a week + Daddy Daycare so Luna & Rose can continue to grow & I can be there for the team more regularly.

Your Birth Story. 5 words…

Intense. Life-Changing. Empowering. Miraculous. Calm

What does your daily routine look like juggling LUNA & ROSE / Motherhood?

Eek, it’s busy! I have found it REALLY hard to get the balance of being a very present Mum to Pepe as well as managing my own business. Before becoming a Mum, I was available to anyone in the business at any time of the day and with staff in Australia, USA and Bali, there really was no ‘off’ time! Now I try really hard to make the distinction between work time / Mum time so that when I am with Pepe, it’s all about him. And when I’m in front of my laptop…. It’s all work! Obviously easier said than done as 50% of the business is managed via WhatsApp and I’m always with my phone.

I try and do power hours of work in the day when Pepe is sleeping (which seems like I blink and he's awake again!) but the bulk of my work week gets done on the 2 days a week that he is in daycare. Those 2 days fly by like the speed of light! Oh, and then there’s the evenings… Basically it never stops & I don’t know what Motherhood looks like without ‘working’ but it’s all I now and I guess Luna & Rose was my firstborn anyway….!

Rosie Shelton working alongside her Mum in Business

 What is it like working alongside your own Mum in business? 

Easy, Challenging, Efficient and Awesome. She has been the biggest supporter of Luna & Rose from the very beginning and I can’t Thank her enough for being extremely patient, understanding & hard working through the growth of the business. Luna & Rose is my baby, and I am her baby, Therefore, there is truly no-one else that would care as much about ‘my baby’ in the world as she does. 

What are your go-to LUNA & ROSE pieces?

Eek, always changing! I currently live with my Zodiac Pendant on 18” and love to layer it with the Long Beach Link Chain or St Christopher on 20”. My earlobes are currently being treat to Beaded Baba & The Amalfi Hoops. Obsessed.

Luna & Rose behind the scenes Mumma

What's your Mum / Daily uniform?

I absolutely live in my Frankie Pants in Coconut White + Shandy Shirt in Cinnamon. When they’re in the wash I have a lightweight knit + my Ollie Overalls in Ocean on top. When it’s time for a walk I swap out my pants for tights & tuck my Shandy Shirt into them! Oh, and always with golden jewellery of course, I feel naked without jewellery on! I feel like it fully ‘finishes’ your outfit and makes it look like you have you Sh*t together for the day (Right?!)

What are your fave easy recipes to make on-the-fly?

A delicious dahl! So easy and as long as you have lentils in the house you can mix & match any other ingredients for the rest of the flavour ie Coconut Cream / Tomatoes / Carrots / Cauliflowers etc. And my absolute favourite go-to which is always in the house is the Raw Snickers Slice (Check out the recipe over on our Journal - you will never look back!)

Best Mum Hack!?

Put together a little ‘emergency’ back up pack in the car for when you least expect it…. Use a Drawstring bag & pop a Nappie, some wipes, a wash cloth and a teething toy in there. Last minute off-the-fly catch ups are now possible! Annnnd rotate out your toys and swap them out with your friends. This was the best advice someone gave me and it is coming in so handy, even though Pepe is only 8 months old he gets so ‘bored’ with his same toys!

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