Our Scorpio Muse | Meet Sarah Shabacon

November 15, 2020 3 min read

Happy Scorpio Season! To celebrate the launch of our Rising Moon Collection, we've asked one of our favourite style-swoony Scorpios a few questions about her intriguing Zodiac Sign and more. Step this way to learn a little more about creative & Mum-boss Sarah Shabacon....

 Sarah Shabacon Style ambassador Luna & Rose jewellery

You know them best! Sum a Scorpio up in 5 of your own words:
Loyal, Passionate, Intense, Deep, Protective

What traits from being a Scorpio do you think you align most true with?
Loyalty and Intensity for sure 

We know we all have them (right!?)…. What do you think is your most annoying ‘Scorpian’ trait?
Definitely the intensity! It's usually a benefit but it's also annoying, especially when my husband is not on the same wavelength as me about something I find wildly important.

 Sarah Shabacon Style ambassador Luna & Rose jewellery

Do you think there is another Zodiac Sign that you get along with the most? I’m pretty sure 50% of my friends are Saggi’s!
Aquarius and other Scorpios, both my boys are Aquarius and there is constant synergy between us and we are like an extension of one another without needing to say anything.

Any thoughts on your partner's Zodiac sign and how that helps you understand him? Believer or non?
He is a cancer and hasn’t shown much interest in Zodiac signs but I still have hope! 

Do you find yourself effected by the cycles of the moon? How?
Incredibly, but it wasn’t until recently that I began to realize that when my state of mind is totally off balance, it always seems to be the moon.

Sarah Shabacon Style ambassador Luna & Rose jewellery

We often find ourselves swooning over your dreamy insta feed , your endless incredible outfits & accessories. How would you describe your style?
Ohhhh good question, off the top of my head I would say I dress for minimal impact, I like to come and go without standing out, perhaps an ode to my introverted personality…

And of course we are huge fans of your feed & beautiful brand. Where do you find your inspiration from?
Thank you!! I’m endlessly inspired by history, the history of not only fashion but also the history of fashion in its relation to lifestyle and practicality throughout the last 100 years. As we evolve our fashion evolves and we’re at a point in time where we can truly wear anything, from any era and there is a market for it. It’s beautiful and I love being a part of it.

Sarah Shabacon Style ambassador Luna & Rose jewellery

Hardest thing about Mom-ing and Girl-Bossing it?
Accepting that it will never be a perfect balance and that there will always be something needing my attention and that not everyone will understand that. I will never be able to be everything to everyone so when a customer is disappointed I took too long to respond, as hard as it is to not feel upset that they think I’m inconsiderate, I remember that my sons were not disappointed that I unplugged and spent time with them. I roll with the waves of it all and do my best.

And lastly, what do you hope the stars have in store for us for 2021?
All the hope in the world!! I want to see equality. I want BIPOC to have their voices heard, not only heard but listened to and for proper change to move the world forward into a brighter future where we care for the environment like our lives depend on it because our lives depend on it. I have hope the stars will align and help get humanity back on track to do some really, really wondrous things.

Discover Sarah Shabacon's Instagram here, and her gorgeous slow fashion brand, Boheme here

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