PLASTIC FREE JULY with @emilycreative

July 07, 2021 3 min read

Emily Bitter of @emilycreativeco Graphic Designer on PLastic Free July
Emily is our full-of-beans, super talented Graphic Designer here at Luna & Rose and is deeply passionate about living a Slow & conscious lifestyle. In celebration of Plastic Free July being a 'talking point' on ways in which we can all aim to be better or make small changes within our busy lifestyles, we've interviewed a few of the girls here at Luna & Rose to see what plastic-free hacks they have to share with us. Go and make a tea and get inspired by what Emily has to share with us... she's got some great tips!
1.What are your top 5 Plastic-Free Hacks around the home?
  • Walnut sponge to avoid scrubbers that release plastic particles into the water when doing dishes.
  • I make my own countertop cleaner in a glass jar (no more plastic bottles from store bought cleaners) by letting used lemon/lime peels soak in water and vinegar for a couple weeks. Add a little alcohol to make it a disinfectant.
  • Reusable water bottles!! I repeat, reusable water bottles! I have a few go-to stainless steel water bottles that I can't live without. 
  • Tote bags instead of plastic grocery bags. I've collected lots of cute canvas bags over the years from events or gifts and they save so much plastic waste. If you still use plastic bags from the store, be sure to check if any of your local grocery stores have a bag recycling/take-back program so they don't go to a landfill (baby step towards canvas/reusable bags).
  • I have a fantastic set of reusable "ziploc" type bags that store anything from snacks to dog food to leftovers, etc. They're super easy to rinse clean and put to use again right away!
2. Do you have any eco-travel tips to avoid plastic on the fly?
  • I keep a collapsible silicone straw on hand so if I need to pick up a drink along the way, I can at least say no to the straw.
  • Pack your own toiletries and not the travel-size kind from the store. That's a plastic nightmare. I highly recommend getting a set of TSA-approved mini bottles that you can fill up with products from home like shampoo, conditioner, face cleanser, etc. Not only is this good for the planet, but it saves you money and it's product you already know & love!
  • Plan travel snacks ahead of time. This will likely be healthier for you and it prevents impulse buying plastic-wrapped snacks on the go.
  • This isn't a plastic-specific travel tip... but I love for offsetting travel carbon emissions. You can select flight durations, types of rental car you drive, etc. and donate to give back to the Earth for emissions produced during travel.
3.What is the best investment you ever made as a plastic 'swap'?
Honestly? Education. It's not a product swap but it's a mentality and lifestyle swap that's changed my life. Seeking out education to undo a lifetime of "consumerism culture" has been the best investment to being more eco-friendly.
Emily Bitter of @emilycreativeco Graphic Designer on PLastic Free July
4.How important is avoiding plastic in your daily life to you? 
Oh goodness, how do you even quantify the importance? I've come to realize that if we can't make important eco-friendly changes in our own homes on an individual level, how can we ever expect that change to happen on a larger scale? If I can't avoid plastic, how can I - in good conscience - demand accountability from politicians and corporations for their own waste and pollution? Not to be cheesy, but it starts with us.
5.Do you have a go-to blog, book, insta account for sustainable tips?
Insta Accounts:
  • @wastefreeplanet 
  • @get.waste.ed
  • @tiffanyalex_
  • @imperfect.sustainability
  • @worthnotwaste
  • @greengirlleah
  • @ajabarber
6.Best piece of Eco-friendly advice?
Remember there's no such thing as a perfect environmentalist. So don't stress about being perfect, and try to ease into things in a way that's maintainable for you. If you swing the pendulum too far one way right at the beginning of your sustainability journey, it'll get overwhelming and the pendulum will swing right back to where it started. Take manageable steps and hold yourself accountable to those steps, all the while not beating yourself up. And lastly, remember that the most sustainable option is the one you already have. Make swaps where appropriate, but don't let the options you already have go to waste either.

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