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And just like a whip, bang, flash, blink... we're back here again! If you can tell me where 2021 went to, I'll give you a Golden cookie... But in the meantime, check out our Sustainable Gift Guide ideas to treat all the special ladies in your life this Christmas x

Gift Ideas for Mom


Because every Christmas list starts with Mum. And boy we've got her on our mind when we design our collections! From our Pendants that are rich with meaning (Like our St Gerard, the Saint of Motherhood, or Medusa for Protection) right through to a slap-on-look-beaut pair of everyday earrings that the mum on the move will absolutely love and thank you for. 

Looking for something other than Jewels? We are 99.7% sure she will absolutely LOVE a pair of our Organic Plant dyed Willow Shorts or an Alfie Hat. 


Shop all Gifts for mum HERE


 Gift Ideas for the Beach Lover

She's the one who's got 67 types of Bikini's because they're always wet from her recent dip in the ocean. She also has a perma-sun-kissed tan and is always the first one to suggest a beach picnic. She's sussed beaches from Bronte to Barcelona and back and well, we've got some perrrrrfect beach-wares to gift her this festive season! From our never-taking-off Alfie Hat to a pair of our Petite Tube hoop earrings. Something also tells me she would love our 'Shell we dance' shell necklace... what do you think?


Shop all Gift Ideas for Beach Babes HERE


Gift Ideas for the Party Girl


Let's be real, she's never been seen with a naked lobe and nor does she dare leave the house without a cute necklace to match her dress! **Alert** You are in the perfect place to shop for this gem of a human!

We've got a range of hoop earrings, all shapes and sizes for this gal to dress up or down, no matter her party occasion! Looking for a Gift for the girl who likes to party?



Shop all Gift ideas for the Party Girl HERE


Shop Gift Ideas for the Traveler here

She's the girl who's always got her next adventure planned (pandemic or not!) has her next plane ticket booked before she's home from a trip and has more travel pinterest boards than she does bikini's.

She's the one you're looking for a gift for? We got you covered! Our St Christopher Pendant for 'Safe travels' would have to be our Top Pick, closely followed by our all-weather Linen Alfie Hat + Willow Shorts.  Or perhaps a keepsake charm necklace reminding her of the adventures that lie ahead is more meaningful. The ideas are plentiful, turns out we have quite the selection of sustainable gift ideas for the Travellers in your life...


Shop all Gift Ideas for the Traveler HERE


Gift IDeas for your BFF


Matching pendants or charms? Maybe you’re both Mums, how about the St Gerard Necklace? Love Animals? St Assisi? Planning to travel together some place soon? St Christopher matching pendants will keep you remembering your favourite lady each and every day. And because you know her size, favourite colour and will be spending many a days lounging together, our Plant-Dyed Linen apparel will really get her stoked on life!


Shop all Gift Ideas for your Best Friend HERE


Gift ideas for the City Girl

We all know one! They’re the gal who loves to shop, is up at the crack of dawn for her daily commute to the big smoke, never has a hair out of place and is always looking the picture with her stylish city gears. She probably loves a long black (or 3) and is never without her accessories and NEVER without a pair of earrings!

The City gal loves a layered necklace look, a clean pair of hoops & is never without a ring. She also loves our Organic dyed Tee’s for an understated weekend look to match her favourite Gold Necklace.


Shop all Gift Ideas for the City Girl HERE


Gift Ideas for the Really Hard to Buy For

We all know them! The gal who seems to have it all, is a little fussy or perhaps you havn’t seen her for a while and not sure of her latest style. Our online Gift Vouchers really do make for a great option where she can choose her own sustainable piece. Our organic dyed tote bags are always going to be well received and hey, you can teach her a thing or two about our Organic dye process.

Our Mini Beaded Baba Hoops are a sure-fire winner for any beauty with their ears pierced, as are our Petite Tube Hoops.

Perhaps you can choose one of our Saint pendants that are rich with meaning and oh so popular for that extra special meaning.... Either way, we're 99.9% sure she will be absolutely chuffed with a sustainably crafted piece of jewellery...


Shop all Gift ideas for those who are Hard to Buy for HERE



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