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The Future of Ethical Business. An honest chat with BarePR

January 26, 2021 4 min read

Recently, Luna & Rose founder & designer, Rosie, sat down with Katie, the owner of Sustainable focussed PR company BarePR to share her thoughts on what 2020 has done for business. An interesting chat that I couldn't help but feel inspired to share and excited for what the future of Ethical business looks like. Hello 2021!
  1. Where do you see the future for ethical business (given the year we have had)?

The future of ethical business is a focus to be fully sustainable from Concept to consumer, from start to finish. Not just adding in elements of using a biodegradable shipping bag at a later date of brand development. While these are all great starts, it's not enough and I hope that 2020 has given people a chance to stop and think about what they are purchasing, where it's coming from, what that brand or product supports and the overarching effect on the planet. The future of Ethical Business starts with a consumer's decision on where they choose to spend their money or use their voice to speak up to large corporations not yet doing good enough. Ultimately we, as consumers, determine the future of ethical business with the power of where we decide to shop and therefore what we support. The future of Ethical business is much more than just Biodegradable packaging. 


  1. What do you think the future looks like for businesses post-COVID?  Is there going to be a switch or adoption to more ethically focused businesses?

Much like that with consumers, I hope that 2020 has given brands and businesses a chance to stop and realise that there is more that needs to be done. Looking at their entire supply chain and having the conversations with suppliers around who is actually making the pieces, are they OK? Where does their waste water go? What is their overall environmental impact of producing this? What materials can they update that are lighter on the planet? The future is ethical, there is no denying that and I think 2020 has highlighted that conversation and allowed space and time for people to ask the hard questions that can otherwise get overlooked in the buzz of life and seasons that we are so programmed to work on. 

  1. Why is it important for a business to be ethically minded, in the world of business?

It is imperative for businesses to be ethically minded as we are shaping the future of the planet. Businesses get to guide a consumers purchase decision so if that is coming from an ethical place, consumers are not just learning but also changing their shopping and consumer behaviour to be more in line with nature and the planet. As David Attenborough said so well “We can’t cut down rainforests forever. And anything that we can’t do forever is by definition unsustainable.” Businesses must think about the effect their products are having and what their business would look like in 100 years from now.  

  1. Has COVID made it harder for Luna & Rose to source materials from within your closed loop sourcing?

Not at all. I think for the industry we are in, it has provided more job opportunities and given people the ability to remain employed. The price of Silver & Gold has gone up in 2020 due to the demand (And unstable economy) which fuels our industry. We don't rely on China at all which I think was the hardest hit country in terms of production and therefore lead times for materials. We have grown our production team in 2020 which makes me truly happy to be able to provide jobs and a steady income to those in a country that is not supported by it's own government.  

  1. Do you think consumers will be looking for full disclosure or transparency from businesses in the future?

I know that consumers already are! We get emails every week from conscious customers asking us for more details on our production and processes which I welcome and congratulate these people for asking the questions. It takes more effort and energy to reach out to brands and request this information however it is all in the name of wanting to create a better future for our precious planet earth. 

I welcome consumers to reach out to their fellow brands and ask WHERE their pieces are made, by WHO, what are their working conditions like, Do they use toxic chemicals in their production and what are they doing to avoid this heading into our Waterways. Can they trace their entire supply chain? If a brand is committed to truly being Ethical to the core, they will be able to answer these questions with no issues and happily share their story, even if it is a process and not yet set in stone. The only way for big changes to occur in ANY industry is for brands and companies to be completely transparent on the origin, production and processes by which the product goes through before it gets to us, the consumer. In fact I became a vegetarian 16 years ago for this exact reason - I had no idea where the animal had been, how it was killed, how long ago before it got to my plate. That was enough for me to turn away from such a dark protected industry. Again - Consumer demand creates change!

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