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5 Best Airbnbs in Mexico City

March 06, 2020 2 min read

Our latest MAGDALENA collection has been inspired by the oh so talented and inspiring Frida Kahlo. The Mexican artist has definitely made us want to visit her country of origin, and we already have the best places to stay at for our next trip!

Discover the 5 best Airbnbs to walk in Frida Kahlo’s footsteps in the historic Mexico City. And if America is a little too far for you, immerse yourself in her universe by shopping our collection right here

1) Private Studio

To start with a bang, we have officially found the most amazing Frida Kahlo inspired Airbnb! Featuring a stunning mural of the artist herself, we can’t think of a better way to get in the mood and explore her legacy. The view isn’t too bad either and we can definitely see ourselves having a drink there for sunset!

For one or two person, 60$AUD per night: check it out here.

Private Studio1Private Studio 2

2) Loft Paseo de la Reforma 

This modern loft is everything you need and more. Relax in this incredible pool after a long day exploring Mexico City thanks to its super central location. Architecture is definitely one of the most interesting things to witness there and this Airbnb is no exception! 

For one or two person, 64$AUD per night, check it out here.

Loft Paseo de la ReformaLoft Paseo de la Reforma

3) Historic Architecture Home 

This next gem is situated in La Roma, known as the artistic area of the city. Perfectly mixing history and modernity, it’s one of the most unique Airbnbs! A private bedroom with shared spaces, it’s the perfect place to meet people visiting the city as well and share some tips, or a homemade dinner...

For one or two person, 70$AUD per night, check it out here.

Historic Architecture HomeHistoric Architecture Home

4) Studio with terrace

How gorgeous is this place?! This studio is so perfect for a couple’s getaway that you’ll never want to leave the incredible terrace. The design and architecture are definitely the best part of this place but there’s also a lively neighborhood life, with wonderful popular food, markets and tobacconists.

For one or two person, 100$AUD per night, check it out here.

Studio with terraceStudio with terrace

5) House designed by Federico Mariscal

Last but not least, this Airbnb feels “like walking into a museum with a lovely and lush indoor atrium” according to one of the previous guests. We can’t imagine how peaceful it must be to wake up and have breakfast in front of this glorious garden!

For one or two person, 78$ per night, check it out here.

House designed by Federico MariscalHouse designed by Federico Mariscal

We hope you enjoyed our selection, and of course, you have to let us know if you book one of these amazing places... More tips on where to stay, what to do, what to see in Mexico? We'd love to hear all about them too!

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