10 rad books helping us get through isolation

April 09, 2020 4 min read

We get it, it's challenging times being bound within the confines of 4 walls trying to self stimulate and find activities to pass the hours, days & weeks with. ** Insert trusty Kindle. In between downward facing dogs, meditations, baking, eating, sleeping and netflix, I have found myself smashing through books on my kindle like the world depends on it. I have been going from crying over love stories during World War II to visualising living my best life on the streets of NYC to being questioning the western society & life that Michelle Obama has lived & things she has seen.... My Kindle has me on a rollercoaster I can assure you of that!

3 titles down in just 3 weeks, who knew I was such a bookworm? Not I, that's for sure but there ain't nothing like a global lock down to find out. In case you are in a similar predicament, here are 10 awesome (Mostly Fiction) books that I have read over the past 6 months that I wanted to share with you guys & help curb some of that lockdown boredom. 

 10 awesome books to read during Self Isolation

1) BECOMING by Michelle Obama. This book is an honest and open memoir of Michelle's time as the first lady of the United States. A raw & real discussion of her triumphs, pains, learnings and experiences throughout her 8 years in the White House... She's an incredible lady and her book does not disappoint. 

2) RED NOTICE by Bill Browder.This book is an absolute must read for anyone interested in... well... the way in which our world exists, and how much we don't know, hear or see. A true story of an investment banker who tries to dabble in the financial game in Russia. I doubt you will learn more about the world in a single book than you do in RED NOTICE. Absolute must read!

3) OPERATION PLAYBOY by Kathryn Bonella.The connecting book for Kathryn's other well-known Non-Fiction books discussing the drug cartels that travel the globe between South America, Indonesia & Europe. I have read 4 of her other books on this particular Subject (Snowing in Bali, Hotel Kerobokan & Schapelle Corby's Biography) but it was this book that made it all come together for me. Fascinating to learn about a world that we, again, know and hear nothing about in mainstream media. 

4) EVERYTHING I NEVER TOLD YOU by Celeste Ng. I couldn't put this book down. A 'Fiction' book based on real-life events, highlighting and discussing the disparity and racial divide that exists between people of colour in America. Beautifully written and heart-wrenching to read, I went straight on to read another book by Celeste Ng called LITTLE FIRES EVERYWHERE. 

5) IN MY SHOES by Tamara Mellon.This is a great read on the infamous brand 'Jimmy Choo' and where and how it all started. An honest telling of the brand story & development by founder Tamara Mellon and the trials and tribulations she went through to the point where she no longer has anything to do with her global brand. For anyone interested in business, this is a great read! 

10 awesome books to read during Self Isolation

6) THE ALMOST WIFE by Jade Beer. If you're looking for something a little lighter on the brain, The Almost Wife is a great easy read about three different girls and their journey to becoming married. Each Chapter jumps between the three girls and their lives, connected through their lovely tailor who is making al three of their dresses. Set in London, it's a lovely quick read, perfect for afternoons in the sunshine, tea in hand!

7) SHANTARAM by Gregory David Roberts. You've all heard of it, an Australian Bank Robber who escaped from a Melbourne prison and fled to India. It's no small book but now is the perfect time to get stuck into it. I absolutely could not put this book down once I got into it... and digested the length of which I was going to be reading it for! The first half is full time, non-stop intense adventure and stimulation overload. It made me even more excited to visit India than I had been before reading it, although for very different reasons. The second half is slower but still a great read and adventure into one mans incredible global adventure. 

8) STILL ME by Jojo Moyes.Escape to NYC and head off on a little love adventure with this beautifully written and easy to read novel from Jojo Moyes. I got so invested in the scenes she set that I would be dreaming about New York City every night! Another lovely book to sit under the tree & read in the sunshine. 

9) THE TUSCAN CHILD by Rhys Bowen.A beautiful love story from World War II about an English fighter pilot who has to parachute from his burning plane and lands in the 'unknown' territory of Tuscany in Italy. Beautifully written, it really made me think how incredibly lucky we are to be living at a time like now (Corona Virus aside... of course!)

10) LETTERS TO MY CHILDREN by Russell Bittner. Exactly what the title suggests, an honest and touching read of letters that the Author wrote to his children over 24 years. All the things he tried to say, couldn't say and wanted to say. It's an emotional, heart breaking, raw & real dialogue. An easy read but definitely evokes emotions! 

I would LOVE to hear what you are reading and any recommendations that you have for me because, well, I am currently flying through any recommendation that my Kindle throws me right now! Leave a comment below, flick me an email over hereor DM us on instagram. Happy Isolating friends & stay sane! x 

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