5 Minutes with Beach babe Goldfish Kiss - Our new Jewellery designer!

April 17, 2018 4 min read

Goldfish kiss x La Luna Rose Aloha Necklace Collaboration

When I first launched La Luna Rose all those sunsets ago, I came across Goldfish Kiss through my good pal and fellow Kiwi Danny from Salt Gypsy. They were working on a super rad collab and I instantly fell in love with Bek's beautiful tropical feed. She was always out surfing, capturing an insane amount of sunsets, painting the most beautiful watercolours and not to mention her nail art! A few months later Bek and I launched our first ever collab, these super cool fruity beaded bracelets that sold out in a matter of weeks. Fast forward 3 years and we're back at it. Bek recently designed these insanely cool tropical-vibes-forever necklaces that are now available online. Made entirely from recycled sterling silver, you can wear your new necklaces knowing you're shopping with a sustainable and ethical store.

We know you want to find out more about this super rad lady-boss so we took 5 to hear more about her life & where she gets inspired... Read on my fellow salty friends x 

Goldfish kiss x La Luna Rose Aloha Necklace Collaboration

Before we get the good stuff…

Sunset or sunrise? Sunset

Sweet or Savoury? Savoury

Breakfast or Dinner? BREAKFAST!!!!

Run or a Surf? Run to the beach and surf

Jeans or Exercise kit? Jeans

Theme Park or Festival? Festival

Apples or Oranges? Oranges

The last meal you ate? This southwestern slow cooker chicken stew I made with black beans and corn tortillas.

The last gift you gave someone? My husband’s birthday gift - A large framed pic of him and my 2 year old son “surfing” together.

Favourite 90’s Jam? Bust a move by Young MC.

Nice! So Bek, It’s pretty clear to say that I’m a massive fan of your beautiful watercolour paintings and endless tropical-infused inspiration that you feed me on instagram (!!). When did your love of the ocean/beach lifestyle come about?

Aw shucks. Thank you! It’s funny, I grew up totally landlocked in Colorado, but started traveling to the beach at an early age, and the older I got the more and more drawn to the ocean I felt. So I guess salt water was in my soul and it took a few decades, and finally moving to the beach to have it all come to fruition. If you ask my mom she’d confirm that I was a water baby from the start too. Then, growing up with two older brothers I’ve always been an outdoors loving, adventurous gal. So the ocean/beach lifestyle just has been a natural fit.

Goldfish kiss x La Luna Rose Aloha Necklace Collaboration

How did ‘Goldfish Kiss’ come to fruit and what inspired you?

I basically started it one Friday night in a coffee shop, I switched over posts from my graphic design portfolio blog (which I realized was all about beach stuff, health, beauty tips and bikinis) and Have just been posting pretty consistently ever since.I don't know if I was ever really inspired, I just felt like starting a blog and sharing my tips, things I like, and having a creative outlet.

You’re watercolours are beautiful, I can’t wait to own some for myself when I finally stop moving around!

Thank you so much - I’ve been painting all my life so it’s been awesome to finally have a platform and audience to share it with. It’s surreal actually. Ok, stop moving and buy a print, or in the meantime I have notecards too.

Goldfish kiss x La Luna Rose Collaboration and watercolours

Where abouts are you currently living?

We just moved Navarre, Florida. It’s a small beach town up in northwest Florida. We moved here without ever setting foot in this region, and it’s been pretty sweet.

Have you always lived on the Coast?

Nope! I grew up in Colorado, went to College in Iowa, Lived In Arizona and Minnesota before finally moving to the West Coast (LA), then Hawaii ( still y all time favorite place to live), then Seattle, Then LA again, then The Bay Area, Then back to Minnesota…and now back to the coast.

Goldfish Kiss x La Luna Rose Necklace Collaboration Aloha

What’s the raddest thing to do in your neck of the woods on the weekends? Go to the beach with as much gear/boards/beach stuff as possible then post up for the day.

If we came to visit you and we could only eat at one restaurant for the week, where would you take us?

TC’s Front porch. Just has a cool Country vibe, southern cooking, cold beer and is a laid back place.

Goldfish kiss x La Luna Rose Collaboration on Miami Beach

We know you love a good holiday, often centred around epic beaches too! What’s your most favourite beach you have ever been to?

Such a hard question…but I’d have to say Hanalei Bay.

What made it so epic?

The lighting, the scenery, the air, the water…everything about that place is magical.

Speaking of travel, ideal long weekend away in Florida? For me it’ would be Driving down the coast and having a vacation rental somewhere in 30A. OR heading over to the Atlantic somewhere around Jacksonville for some surf.

Who’s coming with & what are you taking?

My Husband, my sion, Levi, and our put Kili.

And what are you listening to on the way outta town?

My husband’s Island Radio Pandora Station: The Green, Katchafire, Landon MacNamera, J Boog, etc . He has that station dialed in.

Goldfish kiss x La Luna Rose Collaboration. Nail Art and watercolours

Weird question, but we love food and love to find out other peoples go-to’s (It inspires us to branch out!) What’s your favourite snack, the one that breaks your heart when you find out its not in stock?

Trader Joes (My favorite Grocery store) Has this cheddar bacon popcorn. It’s unreal.

Yum I want in! Last but not least, what is one piece of advice that you live by or hold close to your heart?

Get rich each day in ways that don't count at the bank. ( Quote by Gerry Lopez) It so damn try. And so relevant nowadays when we are constantly bombarded with message that more things and more wealthy is the goal. Man I want more quiet mornings, belly laughs from my son, fun waves, road trips with my husband and sunsets. Ok, and cheddar bacon popcorn from Trader joes.

Thanks so much for your time – You’re a legend! As are YOU! Thank you!

You can find our entire new collection by clicking HERE or scrolling down.

Goldfish kiss x La Luna Rose Collaboration Necklaces

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