5 Quick & Simple ways to rid single use plastic in your daily life

July 26, 2021 3 min read

5 ways to rid plastic from your life

Plastic MEGA un-fantastic. We're all well aware that the plastic fantastic phenomenon of 60's and 70's was never well researched or thought through... Or maybe it was and the convenience of this miracle material and the financial gains that were able to be made from this new material well outweighed the negatives. Fast forward 50 years and now our planet is suffering, majorly! This month we're focussing on 'Plastic Free July' and sharing ways in which you can simply decrease exposure and use of this material from your daily habits.

We are bombarded with plastic in our everyday lives with everything from supermarket packaging, to clothing packaging, toiletries, candy, free giveaways and single use plastic bags. UGH, it's so overwhelming to think about and my opinion is that it all begins with awareness, then understanding and being able to make educated decisions. As amazing as it would be to rid this nasty chemical of a material from our lives, it is unfortunately near impossible. To break it down into digestable little steps, I've listed 5 quick and simple ways for you to limit plastic consumption in your daily lives. Even if you implement one of these today, you're well on your way!


Purchase Bulk items rather than smaller packets. For example, the bathroom is one area that is very far behind offering alternatives (although it seems simple to swap to glass bottles right?!) Shampoo & Conditioner can be purchased in larger bottles which means less bottles purchase per year! The same goes for Rice, Flour, Laundry Powder etc. You can store these items for months without them going off. Better yet? Make your own Shampoo or Conditioner at home without the nasty chemicals! I use this recipe for our Laundry Powder.

5 ways to rid plastic from your life


Buy or Make some Wax wraps for your food covers. They may seem like a fad but trust me - they're game changing! Cling wrap is so un-necessary and a horrible material that never breaks down. Birds often want to use it to build their nests and get it stuck down their throat too. Wax wraps can wrap your sandwiches up, cover left overs, popped over a salad waiting to be eaten and even wrap up your cheese. Don't have wax wraps yet? Start with Tea towels for now! This is a great 10 minute video on how easy it is to make Wax Wraps.


It might take a few times to select that $50 menstrual cup over $4 tampons or a $50 Metal Razor over a plastic $5 option but trust me, the planet will thank you for it and not to mention your body will too! By switching to a Metal razor, (better yet, choose Laser hair removal and don't opt to wear their single use undies that they may or may not offer you!) you will not only get a better shave but also only have to purchase a new razor every 5-10 years! Menstrual Cups are a personal choice but once you make the swap.... you'll never look back!

5 ways to rid plastic from your life


Tote-Bags, Re-usable Cups, Take away Food containers and your own water bottle. Even when you are on the road, rushing between appointments or traveling between countries. If you have your set ready in your handbag, you can say no to the single use plastic everywhere you venture! We recommend:

 - A cotton tote-bag

 - A reusable coffee cup

 - A water bottle

 - Bamboo knife & fork (Plane friendly) 

 - A take-away food container

From the plastic single-use water cups they give you on the plane or in appointment rooms, to unnecessary packaging for food on the go, to picking up a coffee to keep you energized, this little set of goodies will have you well & truly covered. 


Five and Final, have a conversation with someone about their thoughts on plastic use and single use plastic. Let them know some things that you are easily implementing and is limiting your own use of plastic consumption. Education starts with conversation and for as many of us that can simply start the conversation, we may enlighten or teach someone one more thing that they could implement. 

FACT: It is said that we consume, per person, on average 50,000 micro plastic particles each and every year... without even knowing it!

I hope these 5 easy ways to try to rid un-fantastic plastic from your daily lives has inspired some change. Good things take time and it all starts with education! Go you for reading this article and good luck on your plastic free journey ahead. If you have any other great tips - we would love to hear them in the comments below! 

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