6 Great Gift Ideas that give back to the Planet

November 30, 2020 2 min read

There’s nothing better than giving back. And giving back to our planet is at the forefront of our mind at Luna & Rose (and if it’s not at yours I highly suggest you watch the most recent David Attenborough documentary on Netflix). Everything we do & produce, we ensure that we are keeping our footprint on this planet as light as possible. From working with only recycled sterling silver, to using plant dyes & organic fabric. Now it’s your time to choose conscious Gifts this Christmas and we’ve put together a list of 6 great ideas for you:

1. Plant a tree (Or 10) through One Tree Planted. Luna & Rose has donated over 1000 trees with these guys in 2020 both in Indonesia and Australia to help support the bushfire recovered. We plan to continue to support the incredible work this non-profit are doing over the coming years to help protect our precious planet

2. A beautiful Take-away coffee cup. It always surprises me how many people I see pounding the pavement without one of these! We love Pottery for the Planet (We also have some really cute ones in our store in Bali if you’re lucky enough to visit!)

3. One of our Charity T-Shirts that donate a minimum of $25 for the sale of each T-Shirt back to it’s chosen Charity. We support Feed Bali, BOS Australia and the East Bali Poverty Project through these T-Shirts.

4. Sponsor an Orangutan! We have been donating to BOS Australia (Borneo Orangutan Survival) through our ‘Don’t Panic I’m Organic’ Charity T-Shirt in which $25 goes directly to support these guys. You can sponsor an Orangutan directly through them which is probably the coolest gift you could ever give a kid!

5. These essential supermarket shopping bags from Seed and Sprout Co will ensure you’re never left to grab a single-use veggie bag ever again. The perfect present for everyone including kids off to University, Your aunty who’s struggling to be plastic free, mum, brother or your cousin.

6. Kathryn Kellogg’s ‘Going Zero Waste’ book is full of awesome and insightful information. She’s a true leader in the sustainable space and this book is a great place to start to learn and become inspired. Also available over on our website here.

We ask you to ask the questions this festive season. Are you supporting brands and companies that give back? Do they care for the planet and the people producing their items? How? By choosing to spend your hard earned money with people and brands that are looking after our planet will ensure the health of our precious planet for generations to come.

P.S. Go and watch the David Attenborough documentary NOW! x

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