Five Things You Can Do Today to Help the Global Plastic Crisis

November 30, 2018 6 min read

Ocean Protection Clean up Kaikoura New Zealand Recently Lauren Fritz from The Greenest Blue reached out to us in regards to our recent Charity T-Shirt collection where we donate $25 from the sale of each Organic Cotton Tee back to the Ocean (Via the take3 org.) Lauren is dedicated to Ocean protection and spends most of her 'awake' life out in the big blue. She is also an avid writer and loves to share her passion for the ocean & keeping it as clean as possible and today she shares with us 5 things that we can all do TODAY to help partake in the current Global Plastic Pollution crisis that we are in... Read on my friends, the change starts NOW. 

What is one thing you really don’t want to see when you dive headfirst into the crystal clear waters of your next tropical destination? How about a cluster of plastic water bottles, cigarette butts, and snack wrappers bobbing next to your face? The sad truth is that this is a real, tangible problem - plastic is taking over our seas, particularly the single-use variety. They poison and injure marine life, disrupt human hormones, and litter our beaches and waterways. There are some scary statistics out there: by the year 2050, it is estimated that there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish (by weight). Yikes. As a whale watch guide, I’m constantly exposed to the threats facing our marine mammals and see animals in distress too often. This isn’t the way we want to treat Mama Earth!

Ocean Protection fighting the Global Plastic Pollution Crisis in Kaikoura New Zealand

But get this - La Luna Rose is doing something about the plastic problem by partnering with an Australian non-profit, Take 3 For The Sea, to encourage youth education around the topic of plastic pollution. By helping our little ones understand what happens to the plastic we use in our day-to-day life and encouraging them to take responsibility, we can make a difference in the future health of our marine ecosystems. The main mission behind this organization is simple: every time you’re at the beach, the park, or simply out and about, pick up (at least) three pieces of rubbish and dispose of them properly. Such a simple concept - and yet there are not nearly enough folks who actually pay notice to the rubbish surrounding us. Interested in supporting the mission? Check out the new line of Charity Tee’s La Luna Rose has created. A whopping forty percent of the purchase price (that’s $25 a shirt!) goes straight towards supporting the conservation efforts of Take 3 For The Sea. 

Ocean Protection fighting the Global Plastic Pollution Crisis in Kaikoura New Zealand

Plastic has certainly changed the way we eat, travel, and live our day-to-day lives. But we lived without it not so long ago - can we reach that stage again with viable plastic alternatives? I have some ideas here to help you make the switch to #plasticfree in different areas of your life. Remember to be patient and kind with yourself - this eco-lifestyle is a journey, and we’re all on it together!

Below are 5 ways in which you can implement change in your life TODAY and limit the amount of plastic that you consume and therefor making a stand to the big guys and the way they currently produce... Here goes:

1) Make the Switch to Solid Shampoo Bars

If you were to stroll through your bathroom right now and count the number of plastic containers lining your shelves and tub, what would you find? You’d probably realize how strong of a hold plastic has in the beauty industry. We're so reliant on these synthetic polymers to house our beauty products that it takes some serious brain power to figure out an alternative solution. One of my friends recommended shampoo bars to me - they're solid, sold in little tins (plastic free!), last longer, and are easy to travel with. Ethique is my personal favorite beauty bar brand, and I’ve written about why they are so good for travel here ( These are definitely a more eco-friendly option than stocking up on plastic bottles of Pantene or using the mini bottles at your hotel.

2) #STOPSUCKING on Plastic Straws

This is a fairly straightforward tip. It’s time to stop sucking up your drinks through any unnecessary plastic straws, because they just get tossed away and unfortunately don’t always end up in the landfill. I’ve seen heaps of straws along beaches throughout my travels! Now, I’m not against straws - just against single-use plastics. There are all sorts of alternative options available on the market now, like paper, bamboo, and stainless steel straws. That way, you can just BYO straw when you’re out to eat or serve them up with smoothies when you have guests over. Or, just let your bartender or server know you’re going #strawless and tip your glass the old-fashioned way! My stainless steel straw came in handy on a recent trip to Bali; those roadside coconuts and their delicious water never tasted so cool and fresh as through my own straw!

 Ocean Protection fighting the Global Plastic Pollution Crisis in Kaikoura New Zealand

3) Watch How You Shop

Once you jump on the #plasticfree train, you realize how hard it is to do your food shopping without accumulating large amounts of useless packaging that really isn’t as recyclable as you think. I read in an article that recycling is the adult version of sticking your fingers in your ears and going “la la la la” to remove yourself from the problem. I think that’s brilliant - it’s true! Most of the plastic packaging in the world is either not recyclable, or can only be repurposed once or twice before it’s done. So, what can you do? Look for products that are packaged in glass or tin, as these are more easily recyclable. Better yet, you can buy food in bulk and bring your own reusable packaging to eliminate waste altogether. If you really want to go plastic-free, you do have to get creative and even stop purchasing some of your old favorites altogether. Consumer demand is what lets corporations know what to produce, and we want to show them that we want less of the plastic-packaged foods. Remember, you speak with how your dollar. I wrote more about shifting from a cheapest-is-best mentality to a do-it-for-the-Earth mentality here.

4) Make Your Own Exfoliators & Other Beauty Products

DIY beauty products are another great idea for reducing beauty product packaging. I had some fun last Christmas making coffee scrubs, packaged in cute little glass jars, as gifts for friends. It's a creative way to make use of old coffee grounds, and very simple to make! This is the tutorial ( I followed. This scrub is so moisturizing and makes you smell so good that I find whenever I use it, I just keep hugging myself all day. Just stash it in your shower and remake every few months as needed. Bye-bye toxic face scrubs and hello homemade coconut-y goodness!

Ocean Protection fighting the Global Plastic Pollution Crisis in Kaikoura New Zealand

5) Plan Ahead When You Travel

As you move towards a greener way of life, you’re going to find yourself becoming more self-sufficient. When I travel, I don’t want to rely on anyone to provide me with a coffee cup, cutlery, or water bottle (because 95% of the time they are single-use plastics) so I bring all of my own! It does take a bit of extra space, but it makes me feel so much better to know I’m not contributing to the waste problem. I have a nice set of bamboo utensils I use, a pretty little Keep Cupfor my hot bevies, and a insulated water bottle to keep my H2O nice and cool for the moments I need hydration.

Ocean Protection fighting the Global Plastic Pollution Crisis in Kaikoura New Zealand

It’s Time to Make Waves

Getting rid of plastic in your life is easier than you think! Which of these five tips are you most likely to try, or which have you already implemented into your own life? Do you have other ideas or tips on things that have worked for you? I’d love to hear them! Feel free to head on over to for more eco-inspiration and marine conservation stories. Remember to check out La Luna Rose’s amazing Charity Tee’s and support a great cause - they’d make a great holiday gift for your bestie or your mum. (Thanks Lauren!) 

You can shop our Charity Tee's HERE or find out more about why we designed them and the mission behind them by clicking HERE. 


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