Life in Linen | Style on the Road with @kendallbaggerly

June 20, 2022 4 min read

If we ever did have a vision for our Linen living it's best life, it would most certainly be with this babe. Kendall and her dreamy van Vance are exploring all the nooks and crannies of the insanely beautiful Australian landscape that we can only ever dream of. After 2 years on the road and no sign of stopping anytime soon, we are so stoked to see our Linen pieces as a staple part of Kendalls capsule 'travelling wardrobe'. So how does she always look so cute whilst showering out of a hose, cooking on a small gas cooker and generally living out of a 2 x 2m van?! We asked her the tough questions to get a glimpse into her life on the road.... 


Kendall Baggerly wearing Luna & Rose Plant Dyed Linen


1. We love your style Kendall! Even living on the road with limited showers you seem to look extra cute. Seriously, how do you do it?!
Thank you so much! So kind. It's definitely a challenge looking cute while travelling full time in a tiny van (and I most certainly don't always look nice!) but I like to incorporate easy pieces in my closet that turn into a cute outfit right away. Items like linen sets, overalls, flowy dresses, etc. are always my go-to choices.

2. Capsule wardrobes are a must living on the road huh!? Do you have 1 specific go-to everyday outfit? What's so great about it? Spill beans...
They sure are! I find I'm always reaching for my Shandy shirt and Willow shorts combo (this may sound biased but it's seriously the best!) because it's so easy to wear and is comfy for almost every activity we get up to on the road.
Kendall Baggerly wearing Luna & Rose Plant Dyed Linen

3. Hit us. What are your 3 top tips for creating a limited capsule wardrobe that you can wear day in & day out... and still look cute?!
Staple pieces in neutral colours that you can mix and match are a necessity for a tiny closet. When I go to buy something, I like to envision how I could pair that item with the other items already in my closet so I know it will get plenty of use. If I can't pair it with more than three items, it's a no-go. And finally, quality is EVERYTHING! Investing in high quality goods will make your small closet space go so much further, and for longer.

4. OK. You're travelling for the week and only taking a cute handbag that fits 2 outfits + 1 bikini (Ok, some knickers too). What fashion pieces are you taking?!
Oh man, that's hard! I'm so used to travelling with my entire home with me so packing for a week trip is quite the challenge! One of my linen sets would for sure go in there, and probably one of my flowy dresses. A hat and sunnies would also squeeze their way in.
Kendall Baggerly wearing Luna & Rose Plant Dyed Linen

5. Do you get mega jazzed on Linen pieces, just like we do!? 
YES! I'm a long time linen lover. Linen is such a beautiful fabric, so soft yet so sturdy and long lasting. Even better if it's plant dyed ;)

6. Do you have a favourite piece(s) in your wardrobe that you just keep pulling out to style with things? (Y'no, those extra spesh pieces that look just as great dolled up as they do casual & cool)
I have a long flowy white dress that I like to wear when we go somewhere nice, but I also love just throwing it on for trips to the farmer's markets or walking around a new town. If you can't tell yet, any item that I can just throw on and go is a huge favourite!

7. Do you have a colour palette that you naturally gravitate towards?
I'm a big fan of earthy tones – I always lean towards tans, browns, creams, sometimes even muted greens. Simple colours that pair nicely together.

8. What are some of your favourite go-to brands to style your Linen with? 
I never go without a Will & Bear hat, which I love pairing with my linen pieces for days at the beach, hiking, etc. I also really love wearing my linen with my Blundstone boots on cooler days or when we're out exploring.
Kendall Baggerly wearing Luna & Rose Plant Dyed Linen
9. Do you think your style is more 'Classic' or more 'Move with the trends' kinda vibe?
Definitely more 'classic' in the sense that I don't feel the need to buy items that are in trend simply because they're trending. I view the items in my closest as staple pieces that will stay with me for seasons to come. Quality over quantity, always!

10. Finally, What's your favourite Linen piece from Luna & Rose that you can. not. live. without? 
That's a hard one! My first thought is the Shandy shirt and Willow short set in the cinnamon colour, but I've actually really loved my linen overalls lately and find myself reaching for them quite often. Overalls are such an easy thing to throw on over bathers before and after the beach!

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Kendall Baggerly wearing Luna & Rose Plant Dyed Linen

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