October 18, 2021 1 min read

You hear us talking about our 'Plant Dyed Apparel' but what does that actually mean and how on earth does one dye clothing with plants you ask!? I know, it's a buzzy concept and one that I too couldn't quite believe when I first heard about it either. But guess what? This is where it all started! Plants are where the original colours started to come about and how people originally used to 'dye' anything. From their tumeric to charcoal, beetroot to Indigo. People have been organically dying their wares from plants and veges for 100's of years. And we are here to bring it back into mainstream, no chemicals added!

The benefits of dying with natural plant dyes are too many to name. But the obvious ones are the lack of chemicals that are then transferred onto our skin in the process of wearing our clothing day after day. How awesome does it feel to know that that's not happening when you wear our plant-dyed apparel!?

To learn more on how we actually turn a plant into a dye, check out the below video that we filmed at our Indonesian based organic Dye house. Not only do they dye with Organic matter, they use no chemicals in the process and all 'waste water' is fed into the neighbouring farms to irrigate the fruit plantations - how cool is that? In fact, these dyes are so organic and good for you that you can even drink the dye! (Although slightly bitter I might add...)

Here goes, 1 minute to wow your mind in today's short education around plant dyes. 

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