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La Luna Rose Charity T-Shirts Take 3 for the Sea


Did you know: If we don’t act now by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish (by weight) – horrific right?

This shocking fact along with the increase in single use plastic and mass production across the globe, made us really want to do something. Spending a large amount of my time on the island of Bali, the ‘Plastic crisis’ is front & centre of daily life here. The education around what happens to rubbish once it’s placed in waterways, left behind on the beach or thrown out a car window simply does not exist here. Through these Charity Tee’s we have partnered with one of our favourite Non-Profits who are making waves educating the youth of today on what their oceans might look like in the near future if we don’t act NOW. Their education programmes currently run throughout Australia.

#TAKE3FORTHESEA is their international campaign that focuses on spreading the Take 3 vision to countries and communities in all parts of the world. And the beauty of the message is that it is simple and adaptable anywhere! 

La Luna Rose Charity T Shirts Take 3 for the Sea


"Our Mission is to reduce global plastic pollution through education and participation."

Plastic pollution is devastating our oceans and killing innocent wildlife. Take 3 for the Sea are making a difference and their mission is simple: Take 3 pieces of rubbish with you when you leave the beach, waterway or...anywhere and you've made a difference.

By helping spread this important message across the world to remove plastic pollution, we can inspire a new generation to protect our oceans and wildlife.

“It’s our vision to protect wildlife and conserve oceans, waterways and the environment from plastic pollution. We provide education, research and hands-on activities to reduce plastic pollution and promote the transition to a circular economy.” - Tim Silverwood, co-founder & CEO. 

La Luna Rose Charity T Shirts Take 3 for the Sea


Our head designer, Rosie, has designed these T-Shirts for La Luna Rose customers to unite together and help raise awareness around the Global Plastic Pollution crisis. Here at La Luna Rose we are dedicated to help raise awareness for a healthier sustainable planet all while supporting ethically made products. A total of 40% of the retail price of every T-Shirt sold is donated directly to TAKE 3 FOR THE SEA, a non-profit based out of Australia and making waves through their global voice and education around the world. Each T-Shirt purchased educates 7 kids on the future of their planet and the Global Plastic Pollution Crisis that we are in. We’re a huge believer in knowledge & understanding that brings about the change and leads the future so we’re pretty stoked with what we can collectively achieve with these Tee’s.

Made from 100% Organic Cotton & sewn by our small team of artisans, each T Shirt purchased not only donates 40% of the retail price to TAKE 3 FOR THE SEA but also provides jobs to local artisans from the villages of Bali, all the happy humans!

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La Luna Rose Charity T Shirts Take 3 for the Sea


Imagine if we could all spread the word to just 1 person?

We would love to see you wearing your T-Shirt & spreading the love of this campaign. If this is something you stand for, I'm pretty sure your fam & friends will be right behind it as well! 

Don't yet have a T-Shirt? That's cool, just post your favourite image of the Ocean and re-tell the Take 3 for the Sea story!

Use #Forthesea #LaLunaRose #Take3forthesea to be apart of the project 

Thank you for supporting our continued efforts to help raise awareness and give back to our precious oceans, you rock! x