Treading lightly (in really cool sustainable sandals)

At Luna & Rose, we are constantly taking steps to improve all of our processes so that we can operate as sustainably as possible, and in doing so, help others to tread a little lighter. Producing a sustainable product and living an environmentally aware life isn’t just one decision, but lots of little choices that add up to make a difference. 

We’re totally spilling all our secrets, but would be stoked if you stole them so sit back, pour yourself a cuppa and let us take you through a few of the choices we’ve made to date:


Jewellery is a precious metal that needs extra care, especially during the transportation process. From casting and silversmith to plating, there sure are a few hands and humans that each piece passes through before it gets to you. Each piece of jewellery is individually packaged in its own small ziplock bag to prevent scratching. Once these pieces are unpackaged and shipped to you, we then re-purpose these bags and get them back to our silversmith to start the process all over again. 

While we would love a biodegradable alternative, this process of keeping the bags in use is working well for us for now. Hit us up on the email if you know a supplier or someone who makes teeny tiny biodegradable bags that we could look at swapping these guys out for. Through demand change happened in the fashion industry with polybags, here’s hoping we can see the same change in the jewellery industry.