Escape to Hawaii: A look behind the (very creative) lens of Alyssa

September 10, 2017 6 min read

Alyssa reached out to us on social media a while back, sharing her love for the tropical lifestyle and our Summer-infused jewels. A quick flick through her social media page(s) and we were hooked. This girl may only be 19 years of age but she sure knows how to take a photo. She has created a beautiful style of her own that is constantly capturing and showcasing a unique view of her Hawaii through her lens. Lucky for us Hawaii lovers!

We took 5 and caught up with Alyssa on all things Hawaiian, adventure and of course - her passion for photography.

AKR Photographer on the island of Hawaii

Hey Alyssa, Thanks for taking 10 and talking us through your life in Hawaii – I can’t wait to find out more! Before we get the good stuff, can you tell us a little bit about you and what you get up to with you Monday – Friday?

Aloha, My name is Alyssa Rodrigues, I'm 19 and I am the creative mind behind Akrphotography. Born and raised on the island of Oahu, with a passion for inspiring others and creating things with aesthetic and a sense of nature. Growing up in Hawaii learning to take care of the environment and the beauty, which surrounds me every day has greatly impacted my life. I am currently a college student majoring in Environmental Science, but at the same time running my own photography business. I aspire to really capture life in its fullest moments and bring joy to those I share my art with.

A normal week in the life of me consists of filling every day with as much as I can. I am not a morning person but sometimes to adventure I will wake myself up to make the most of my day! I go to school full time so most of my weeks consist of class and studying, but as far as free time I'm normally outside adventuring with friends and taking photos, editing photos also consuming my time as well!

Rad! I’m dying to get to Hawaii. I hear its kind of like a tropical NZ…. So, If we only had 5 days in your neck of the woods, where would you be taking us for a killer breakfast date?

I absolutely love to go to Sweet E’s Cafe near Waikiki when I am in town. They have the cutest french toast and the service is very on it! I also love going to ARVO, an Australian styled cafe with avocado toast and some great coffee and tea. The aesthetic of the place also sets the vibes for a great experience.

And after that… where would you send us to for your favorite local beach?

As far as beaches go, I could name places all over the island that I love going to to find headspace. I always love a relaxed day going to the North Shore. Waimea Bay is so beautiful and the water crystal clear and blue when the sunlight hits it. Famous for the giant rock everyone loves to jump off of, it is home to blue skies and a good time.

Waikiki Hawaii - Interview with Alyssa Photographer

Now, we’ve decided to stay for 5 days. We have a van. And a tent. Where should we go?

One of my favorite spots to head away on a long weekend would be to Waimanalo. The water there is so teal and bright colored, it’s beautiful. The colors there are so vivid, it brings joy to my heart to have places such as here. Lanikai Beach is also on that side of the island and is very well known. It’s a nice place to spend the day at the beach with friends and just have a good time.

Waikiki, Hawaii - Alyssa from AKR Photography

Sounds amazing! Now we know you have a pretty slick eye for creating beautiful photos, can you tell us a little bit about what inspired you to start shooting and what inspires you to create content?

As far as my photography I started when I was in high school. I had a canon t3 that I shot with and I still use it to this day. Photography being the expensive hobby that it is, is something I invest in slowly as I am busy with working and going to school full time. It is something you invest a lot of time in to be able to grow as a photographer and learn what makes your style yours. There are many things that inspire me but one main thing that inspires me is nature. I love animals, plants, nature and all of the above in this category. Capturing my subjects with the vibrance and beauty of nature is what runs as a part of my style. Trying to write a story or bring emotions through my photos is a goal of mine and that is apart of my thought process every time I do a shoot. I aspire to inspire others with my work. I am an open person so I love to share my experiences, trials, pains, happiness, and joy with those around me. Being an open book sometimes is a dangerous thing but it also helps you to reach out and touch the lives of others who may be going through the same things as you and I can sympathize with that.

Waikiki, Hawaii - Alyssa from AKR Photography

What’s your point of difference you want to portray through your work, whats your unique spicy flavor (I know you have one!)?

My style flows through me and my mind as my own and I love how anyone could be in the same place and snap the same picture, but when you find your style you make it your own. It is your flow, a part of yourself you share with others. I love colors and what it brings to a photo. How you arrange and play with them is what drives my style. finding the perfect or not so perfect balance of light and dark to bring aesthetic to your photos and really speak to your viewers is what I strive to do. To bring movement, color, contrast, and emotion to my photos is always at the forefront of my mind when I'm creating content.


What’s your most memorable place that you have traveled to to date?

The most memorable place think I have ever been was to North and South Carolina. It was for a class trip but I enjoyed it very much. Just being outside of my tropical element and being able to experience different scenery and weather conditions is what has driven me to really love the experience. Financially I can’t afford to travel very much but when I do finish up college I plan to travel and intern. Really finding out what I enjoy doing and what I would like to do in the future. But also at the same time I will never stop growing or learning about photography and what it brings to my life.

Why was Carolina it so rad?

I enjoyed the cold fresh water and experiencing a climate that was not my own.

Waikiki, Hawaii - Alyssa from AKR Photography for La Luna Rose Jewellery

And last but not least, where are you saving up to to travel to next? (Coming to visit us in Bali!?)

As I continue to save I would really love to travel to Bali, Tahiti, and Australia one day. I have yet to be out of the country so that would be a goal of mine in the near future. I love growing up in Hawai’i. This will always be home to me but my mind sometimes cant help wonder what is on the great beyond of this beautiful place. So with this in mind I would love to travel and experience other peoples culture and ways of living. I love relationships and connections. Relationships as in making connections with people. All sorts of different people. You learn so much talking and really connecting with others who live in different places. It opens your mind to what more is out there in the world that you never experienced because you're trapped in your busy schedules and daily life. Its nice to escape that sometimes. Get out there!! Make some connections and experience new things!!!

Never settle for ordinary, chase your dreams, have crazy ideas and don't let anyone stop you from reaching them. Branch out and find what you love, and do it often. Everyone starts somewhere but when you really put the time and effort into it, you will grow. You will look back on all your trials and bumps in the road and know you are who you are because of them .You are who you are because you never gave up. I aspire to be a light in the lives of those around me and to share good vibes and smiles to everyone. You never know who needs a smile. I hope this gives you a bit of perspective of who I am as a person and what I do. Reach for your dreams. You're one step closer to them then you were the day before!

Thanks for chatting Alyssa, I look forward to watching your photography journey, keep creating magic! X

With much love and best wishes, Alyssa Rodrigues

See more of Alyssa's work over on her instagram @_akrphotography.

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