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December 19, 2019 3 min read

Life with Three Summer Loving Travel Blogger in Australia


We've followed the lovely Rach from instagram account @life.with.three since, well, we discovered her a few years back! Her lovely kind soul oozes through her beautifully curated feed of style & travel posts.With a talented hubby in tow, Rach has been lucky enough to explore & share with us some pretty magical parts of this world - specifically her home hood of South Australia! We recently caught up with her to find out what her days look like and where she finds inspiration. Time to meet Rachel, the beauty behind the instagram @life.with.three ...
Where abouts do you call home?
Adelaide, South Australia.
What is the best part about living here?
We have some of the best beaches in Australia! This state is truly underrated and there is so much diversity. 
And what do you call work? 
Fortunately I am lucky enough to say that I work full time being a digital creator.
If you weren’t doing that, what would you be doing?
I am a qualified Early Childhood Educator, so I would most likely be doing that or some sort of design element. I also love interior design and art.
What does a ‘normal’ work day look like for you? 
I get up quite early and help Daniel get ready for work. I then clean the house and feed my fur babies. I will then take Poppie for a walk and if I haven't already posted that morning I will check Instagram and respond to any comments I may have missed.  I love my garden so I will also water my garden, mow or trim my lawns, weed etc. I will then check and respond to my emails, edit photos and will plan any shoots - what I will wear, accessorise, where to shoot etc. This usually brings me to late afternoon and I will start to plan and cook dinner! Lately we have been super busy as we have just finished renovating our house and still have some painting/landscaping outside to do. So my days have also been filled with jobs to get that done as well!
Life with Three Summer Loving Travel Blogger in Australia
What do you love the most about your job?
I love the flexibility of it and being able to work anytime from anywhere :)
Do you have any morning rituals that you try and keep to every morning?
I just try to get up early everyday and get dressed and wash my face so I feel ready for the day! My skincare routine is super simple and I only wash my face with water in the morning and then apply moisturiser and a face oil. 
Are you an early Bird or Night owl? Why?
Haha I’m both! I have always gotten up early but I also love to stay up late! 
We know you love to travel! Where has been your most favourite place that you have visited to date? Why?
No matter what I will always love Italy. The vibrance of colour, the ambience and the people - not to mention the amazing scenery - will make it my favourite forever. I can’t wait to get back!
Where is the next place at the top of your list to visit?
We have a few trips planned over the next coming months but I would love to visit New York with Daniel. Nothing compares to visiting a place with your love and best friend.
Life with Three Summer Loving Travel Blogger in Australia
This one’s a biggie, What is the best choice you’ve made so far in life? (Huge call I know!)
I think this was to take six months off and travel up the East Coast of Australia in our van in 2016. This is what was the beginning of my Instagram page and my love of sharing new places. 
If we told you you could take you 2 best friends on a holiday for 4 days anywhere in the world, where would you go & why?
I think you know I will say Italy! Haha! Even if it took 2 days getting there and back those 4 days would be heavenly!
Who are you listening to at the moment? Podcasts, spiritual peeps,  Musicians or Mad men….?
I have been listening non stop to Billie Eilish. 
Lastly, what is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?
If you have confidence in yourself then everyone around you will too.

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