Zodiac Sign Collection: 10 Facts about Libras

September 23, 2021 1 min read

As we’re launching our Zodiac Sign collection, we’d love to dig a little deeper into the astrology world. Researching the planets making us who we are, and why we’re all so unique even while being born under the same sign. Our birth charts define all of the signs we’re made of according to the position of the planets when we’re born. That is why while you may be a Libra, if all of the other planets were in Scorpio on your birth day, you might identify more to that sign! We’ll be discovering different aspects of the zodiac signs over the year, starting with Libra season, from September 23rd to October 22nd.


  1. Libras are nurturing and caring
  2. They’re always in search of balance, harmony and justice
  3. They can be shy and have a hard time letting their guard down
  4. Libras have a great emotional intelligence, they know how to read emotions and feelings
  5. They have trouble moving on
  6. They love talking, discussing, debating
  7. They are very sensitive to beauty, in all its aspects, like arts, aesthetics, design
  8. They are always faithful and loyal
  9. Libras are very self-critical and always want to give 110% of themselves
  10. They match with Leos and Sagittarius


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